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(trailer review) - Supacell


The first thing I will say is a huge congratulations to man like Rapman. I do not know him at all, but he is from South London, like myself, and his film Blue Story was great. My review is on the site and I could not help but feel nostalgia watching that movie in certain moments. This film seems to be about people with superpowers and Peckham seems to be front and centre in this trailer which warms my heart since I am from that area along with Giggs, Boyega, among many others. But as this film is NOT grounded at all, considering there are superpowers involved and is also a Netflix series, it would be interesting to see how grounded he can make it feel, telling a story with struggles we could relate to as people on a human level.

A man surprises his girlfriend with a car and plans to marry her and start a future with her, but when he disappears and gets a glimpse into the future and finds that she is dead, he makes it his mission to save her from a fate he saw. A very interesting concept but I am not sure what the relevance of the other people with superpowers is, but it seems like the person said, "...all 4 people need to survive", maybe? It is unclear as to the powerset of each superpowered person if they do have different powers or if they are inter-connected and linked in some way, their role in the death or preservation of this man's fiancé, so another trailer would do this show great for a little more background to the story, otherwise it does look like a film about gangs or a gang in London and some people who have superpowers. Like, how did they get their superpowers? Were all these people "chosen" or in the same area at the same time, born with them and later in life, the powers came to them, like the mutant gene from X-Men? I'm intrigued regardless because Rapman is involved and because I am a Londoner. I cannot be the only person who will watch the show


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