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(trailer review) - Rebel Moon: Part 2 - The Scargiver

Blimey, where do I start? Zack is an incredible director and out of the (possibly) 15 movies he has directed (maybe a little more), I have seen 13 of them and really enjoyed 12. It is really like that for me. I truly enjoy a Zack Snyder movie but part 1 of Rebel Moon, while I will not say it is trash, it is very hollow. A chopped-up and rushed movie that does not get anywhere with lots of exposition, stagnant dialogue and weightless characters with a protagonist with the charisma of a grape. In my review, I also stated the film felt like a part 1 as opposed to other movies which were a part 1 that came out that year AND maybe part 2 will be better. This trailer does look really good!

First of all, what are you doing with a blue glowing sword thingy with someone heading towards you, shooting, fighting and messing up all your troops and you are simply walking backwards with your sword in hand not trying to attack? Are you not attacking because you do not want to hurt your fellow troops or are you simply waiting to be tagged in? It's a stylish sideways "hallway fight" that seemed a little silly or choreographed in a way you could see the problems with the fight and scene. Secondly, where are the characters? Did all the other characters die in the first movie after she recruited them? I just cannot remember. I just do not know. I am not sold but, I am going to watch it because I enjoyed the first part even with its problems. I am sold on the visuals (it's Zack Snyder, but of course I am), sold on the robot fighting and I think the best bit in this trailer, is the sliding down diagonally and fighting at the same time. I really feel like I have not seen that in a movie before. Falling and fighting, yes, but sliding down and fighting, I do not think so. Anyway, let's just hope this part two heightens and lifts up part 1 like Dune part 2 did for Dune part 1. 


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