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(trailer review) - The Penguin

A lot of people had their reservations about Robert Pattinson. He played a vampire that sparkled and glistened in the light in that famous franchise, Twilight. I'm sure he was hated worldwide and with some people, still is, but he has definitely become a more accomplished actor since. So, The Batman was met with some resistance at first, but the film was really good and Colin Farrell as The Penguin was simply incredible. The prosthetics, the clothing and mannerisms, the accent, if you were not told it was Colin Farrell in the role, would you even know? And this trailer is a tiny portion of what he delivered in the small role he had in The Batman.

This trailer is a teaser of the show and not only is Colin showing us why he has a spin-off show (because he is so great in the role), this show looks like it will centre around the rise of The Penguin in Gotham City as I am sure there will be a power vacuum after the events of The Batman movie so maybe we will see some other villains. Maybe we will also see Batman himself messing up some guys, but we will need to remember as the audience, this will be a show about The Penguin and NOT The Batman and hopefully, this will help flesh out Gotham City even more with the different villains and maybe even the different parts of the city the villains will fight to occupy. Maybe during this show, we will see the erection of the Iceberg Lounge. However this show will go, I am definitely going to watch it because the world created by Matt Reeves was very well done.


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