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(trailer review) - Monkey Man

So I heard recently that Monkey Man played at South by South West (SXSW) and received a 10 minute standing ovation which emotionally moved the actor turned first time director to tears. As a Londoner, I am extremely proud of Dev since his breakout role in Slumdog Millionaire and whilst he has not done many movies, he had been very selective as to what he wants to do and at 33 years old, in a handful of movies and now directing, it would seem that directing is his passion and with the reviews this film is getting and with the backing of Jordan Peel himself, Dev may be one of the very few actor turn directors that will be revered as truly talented doing both, like a Ben Affleck, Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya. This trailer is the first trailer, but dialled all the way up and it looks great!

Although I will be trying my best to not repeat the things I said for the first trailer, I actually may not be able to help it. This film looks amazing with a John Wick tone to it. John Wick was an assassin out of the game and went back in as he was seeking revenge. This is another tale of revenge and this looks stylish, funny and great. A man who looks like he becomes a fighter only to take out the man responsible for his mother's death, maybe? I am not sure, but frankly, I do not care because this is the type of action I like. Right up my street. Let's go!


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