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(trailer review) - Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

First of all, I'll just get this off of my chest before anyone thinks that this "completionist" has completed and watched all the Mad Max movies...I have not, but I will, I will at some point. I just want to say, are we not cloning humans yet? Have we got there in our technology? It is 2024 and we are not cloning humans? Are we not cloning George Miller? He is 79, still making films and I kid you not, watching Mad Max: Fury Road was so good, although I did not go back to the cinema to watch it again, I thoroughly enjoyed it and just thinking about that movie brings joy to my heart. I will watch it whenever it is on. Why are we not cloning him? Visually stunning, chaotic, absurd, manic and a lot of fun! I will never forget the moment I saw the guitar man in Fury Road. My heart was filled with so much joy because I was viewing something I did not think I wanted in a movie and this trailer, this trailer...THIS TRAILER, looks like George has doubled-down on those insane ideas and I actually cannot wait to see this!

So this trailer gives us a little more than the last trailer. It would seem Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy) gets kidnapped and taken away from her family and friends only to work with The Immortal Joe to possibly, take down the antagonist played by Chris Hemsworth. It is likely The Immortal Joe kidnapped her also and is using her as one of his top people, henchman as it were. The visuals here are, Fury Road dialled up to 11. There is a wide shot with what looks like hundreds of vehicles driving in the desert from a birds-eye view and it looks amazing. The colours, the stunts, that road rage and anarchy, the deaths. However, the shot that really sold me on this trailer and the film is a, Chris Hemsworth who has played Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who wears a red cape, is seen here, wearing a red cape, standing on a chariot that is being pulled by 3 biker-less motorbikes and he turns it with reigns like an actual chariot with horses. Like, what? How insane is that? I absolutely love it and I have to see this in Imax, I just have to. If not, Superscreen. Hemsworth is killing it also! Absolutely killing it!


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