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(trailer review) - The Fall Guy


Is this essentially an action rom-com? This trailer is giving me vibes of Rom-Com masquerading as an action movie and, I think I love it. At present, Ryan Gosling cannot do anything wrong. His role as Ken in the Barbie movie was great. To be fair, the film was simply great, but he was also really good in it. He has previously been in a lot of good to great movies and I believe I first saw him in 'Gangster Squad'. He had already done 'Drive' by this point, a film which was loved, but the film I loved and really enjoyed him in was 'The Nice Guys' with Russell Crowe directed by Shane Black. It gave me Kiss Kiss Bang Bang feels. But it was his role in Drive and La La Land that garnered him praise as an actor, in my opinion. People cannot stop mentioning his name. I cannot say I've seen many of his films but I do recognise his talent. With that said, I have loved Emily Blunt since I first recognised her in Looper. She's a great actress. When she starred alongside Tom Cruise in 'Edge of Tomorrow', I knew I wanted to see more of her and her projects. This trailer looks like we have two people having fun and rifting off one another and this looks really good! Plus it is always great to see Winston Duke from Black Panther and US.

From what I can tell, the star of a movie goes missing, so they send the stuntman to go and find him, but he stumbles across bad guys (who possibly killed the actor, unless he is in hiding), finds a dead body, stumbles across drugs and the stuntman has to get himself out of the many situations he finds himself in whilst trying to stay alive, solve the mystery and not get himself killed, so I guess it helps that he is a stuntman.......oh, and he has a crush on the director of a movie he is working in whom he had previously been on a date with and is also trying to find love in the middle of it all. This is barmy, but it looks like it is definitely worth a watch and a fun time at the movies.


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