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(trailer review) - The Crow

The Crow is a remake of an old film from the 90's where the lead actor died on set in a freak-accident where a real bullet was used to kill Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee. The film was loved and became a cult hit among fans, but for a very long time since, they have been trying to get this franchise up and running again. They call it 'development hell' when they cannot seem to get a project to go ahead and it is ridiculed with set backs after set backs. At one point, Jason Mamoa was set to be the lead and I think that is where I last knew where we were with this project, until now. Bill "The 'IT' Clown is the lead and this looks really good.

I never saw the 90's film and I think there was a time I saw parts of it or wanted to, but in all honesty, I think I was caught up on the "curse" of the Lee family more than wanting to watch this movie, but with that said, a man out for revenge to avenge his slain wife, but he was also slain too but comes from the dead to seek his revenge, I love the idea of that. Max Payne without Max Payne dying, and I LOVE Max Payne, but not the Max Payne film. This trailer shows us the love between man and woman, them both being killed and the lore about crows and death. After that, all the gruesome and some stylish kills. It looks very violent, but hopefully it will not be over the top with the violence and kills. As I think about violence and kills, I'm thinking of the prison scene in season two of Daredevil, right up my street. That shot where he shoots himself in the body to kill the man behind him is excellent. Let's just hope this is done well because Bill is a great actor, maybe he can make a franchise out of this.


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