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(trailer review) - Beetlejuice Beetlejuice


Have you seen Beetlejuice before? The first Beetlejuice movie came out in 1988, one year before one of the best Batman movies from one of the best actors who has ever played as Batman, in a film directed by Tim Burton called, Batman. Seeing Michael Keaton don his suit again recently in The Flash film with Ezra Miller, was one of the best moments in comic book movie history (for fans of course). Your favourite actor, your favourite Batman, back looking great. But this is Beetlejuice, one of the wildest, comedy-horrors from over 3 decades ago. The first movie is almost 40 years old and they want to go back to this movie and I am guessing, try to make a franchise out of it, similar to what they are trying to do with Top Gun among many many others. I could not tell you the last time I watched this movie, maybe on VHS, but the film is creepy and funny or at least it was creepy for me when I watched it many moons ago. However as I have not watched it in such a long time, I am not sure if it holds up, so a sequel might be...just MIGHT BE, a little, to late?

This is a teaser trailer and it does not show us much at all. What I will say is, what they showed, the mini town set reminded me of the first film, I remembered that. I believe that is in the attick of the house. Other than the red bridge reminding me of the IT movie, in terms of memorabilia, the model town set was just about it. Seeing Winona Ryder, cool, I guess but I think I just need to re-watch the first movie and also see a better trailer. This one is not terrible, but it just doed not show anything, especially as it has been nearly 40 years, show us something, other than Michael Keaton in the Beetlejuice outfit. I love the line though, "The Juice Is Loose'. Also, the marketing is amazing, like...if you know how it works, the title alone is simply great. Let's just hope the second trailer is better and that we are not just reviving movies from many years ago just to make a sequel nobody has asked for and to do a bad job with it.


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