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(trailer review) - Alien: Romulus

The two greatest Alien films from the 80's is Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986). One was Horror/ Sci-Fi where the other was Horror/Action. Ridley Scott and James Cameron respectively and nobody seems to have been able to capture the success, tone, atmosphere and dread these two films achieved I. The 80's. When Ridley came back for Prometheus (he should have called it, Alien: Prometheus) and Alien: Covenant, even he could not nAtch his earlier work. I mean those two moves were good, but not great, unlike Alien. James put a spin on the franchise by making it a little more militaristic, but the dread was still there. The characters were there, the quotes were there, the story was there. So seeing this trailer, not only does it harken back to this franchise, but Fede Alvarez might be onto a winner here because he might have hotythe formula right.

Although what I saw felt a tad bit polished, the dread was there. People on a starship with the "facehugger" aliens running rampant trying to latch on and impregnate you and kill you with the chest buster. Those things, the way they move, creepy! I am getting both Alien and Aliens from this trailer and although I heard this is set between both movies, there is a bar to meet and it would seem Fede may have met it. I do not want to hype this up in my own head but, did you not feel a sense of panic and dread for these defenceless people? The Alien franchise has not all been brilliant, but the lore is there. Let's just hope this ends up being a modern day classic from an old school classic because these alien movies can go on forever, but more hits and better stories are needed.


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