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(trailer review) - The Acolyte


I think it goes without saying that the Star Wars franchise is in a state of flux. There have been some good movies which had no structure or plan to stabilise the franchise for great storytelling and the TV Shows have been the same. The TV shows have been small stories with particular characters where the story could have been fleshed out more with better execution. For example, I did not mind 'Ahsoka' although there were some small execution problems with it. 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' was exactly the same, but the execution was even worse and the storyline was fairly poor in comparison with some crazy antics, not to mention 'The Book of Boba Fett' which was borderline terrible for many reasons. I enjoyed it or I could say, I could see where they were going with it or wanted to do, but failed. Out of the TV shows, the 'Rogue One' prequel 'Andor' was great. 'The Mandolorian', is great (although some people have issues with it, issues I do not agree with). Season 7 of 'The Clone Wars' was good, the spin-off 'The Bad Batch' is also very good. The throughline problem with it all is the execution. Soo much lore and stories to mine but it is executed badly with no real foresight. So when a trailer for ALL of these shows looks great, especially this one, in the back of your mind in recent years, you can not help to start thinking, "but is this going to be any good?"

This trailer is good and it is great to see Carrie-Anne Moss, Trinity to all you Matrix lovers, doing a 'Force Push' and close-quarters combat. It is really good seeing her in scenes like this. This is only a teaser trailer, so there is not a storyline attached to the trailer as such, but we do understand that the Jedi are being killed off and it looks like it is going to be a murder mystery "detective" story with (maybe) Carrie-Anne investigating. The quality of the visuals looks great and seeing a vast number of Jedi drawing their lightsabres harkens back to 'Attack of the Clones' when all the Jedi were fighting in that arena. Hopefully, the show will dig deeper into the lore so we can understand what makes a lightsabre yellow or what type of Jedi use it. This is meant to be several years before 'A Phantom Menace', so hopefully we are very removed from any events from it. If this show ends up being, 'The Rise of Palpatine', I will be very upset, we do ot need that. Let's tell more stories not connected to The Skywalkers as Star Wars has a vast amount of lore and history it can go into to tell great stories.


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