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(film review) - The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story (Short Film)


Now this is clever marketing. It was not so long ago that the studio put out an announcement saying that there would be some delays on part 2 of "Across the Spider-Verse" and having seen the latest episode of Invincible, season 2 with the comic book artist/creator stating animation takes a very long time, putting this short film together does two things. Not only does it give the fans a little something from the team at the studio who have been delivering such an amazing story in both Spider-Verse movies, 'Into the Spider-Verse' and 'Across the Spider-Verse Part 1', but this short film also brings to light mental health and how one might feel when they feel they have too much on their plate to deal with and how to go about.

It is known within society that there is this thing about being a man and everything that comes along with being a man. Not to show weakness, not to show emotion, men do not cry. Along with a barrage of other things. Men will tend to bottle things up keeping their "problems" to themselves. Yes, there would be an outlet for some men when they have things on their mind, gaming, creative writing or drawing, gym, jogging or any kind of sport, but at the same time, the problems can still be there. This short film shows Miles trying to battle "The Spider Within" by himself when he could have just hung out with his father. With all the external pressures Miles is going through, juggling life as Spider-Man and as Miles Morales the school student, the pressure gets to him hence why he feels tired and goes to his room. Battling your problems or "demons" on a day-to-day is exhausting and if you are not facing them by talking about them with someone (and this should be someone you trust) this can help ease the pressure and weight of the problems you are carrying on your shoulders/back and help releave some of that stress. Miles leaves his room and talks to his father as they go out to get some fresh air and talk. They say walking is good to help clear your mind, but talking to someone is also very good, so it is implied that Miles will feel a lot better and less stressed having got things off of his chest.

At this point, talking about the graphics/animation, voice acting, music and such, is redundant at this point when you think about how great the movies have been. I guess there is a point to be made that the quality could have dipped for a short film, but the work ethic of the team behind the movies has not dropped and has only got better from the first movie to the sequel. You see a little action, but this short film is more to showcase the pressure Miles is under, how he feels and how he feels overwhelmed. This is a great taster/"filler" for the time being whilst we wait for 'part 2' to be released, but until then this is nice, plus it sends a positive message for all the men out there.


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