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(episode review) - Invincible: Season 2 - Episode 7

With something as good as this show, it is criminal that we only have 8 episodes; there was a break part of the way through and now that it is back and we are only a few episodes in, I feel this show is being ripped away from me. It's like, I just got you back and now you are going away again [insert tear-filled eyes here]. The show is THAT good and this episode is proof of that.

If you have not been following this season, we started off with Mark Grayson depressed and not knowing where he stands in the world now that his father is gone. The city, along with the world is devastated that the famously good superhero Omni-Man, was a bad guy and Mark's father has died. Mark's mother Debbie, is dealing with the events of the finale of the first season badly and has been comforting herself with alcohol; and Cecil is demanding more from Mark because he does not trust him. Not only that, with a lot of time away from school and studying, Mark is struggling to maintain his grades and a relationship with Amber because they lack quality time as he is always off saving the world.

With the rest of the team, Atom-Eve is struggling with her choice of not being a superhero and doesn't see herself being a part of a team anymore. The Immortal does not trust Mark. Rudy is trying to help Beastgirl and her powers which is frustrating her. A Martian shape-shifter is trying to infiltrate the team. Also, a man who wants to save the world and make it a better place gets into an accident when Mark tries to stop the situation which leaves him deformed, full of knowledge from all the other versions of himself across the multiverse and he has sworn vengeance towards Mark. A lot is going on.

This episode was excellently written, directed and choreographed with pretty much, everything you want from an episode or at least, that is how I felt after watching. There was love, drama, heartbreak, fights, redemption, trauma and more fights and I must say, I did get a little emotional, why? Well, sometimes in life, you can do your absolute best and it just does not seem like it is good enough. By the end of the episode, I was thinking, Mark cannot seem to catch a break and on many levels, reminded me of Peter Parker which is possibly the reason why I have seen crossover pictures with them in it as they are both VERY alike. A young man trying to juggle his powers and keep the city/world safe, keep and maintain a relationship and also go to school and study. It just gets on top and Mark feels useless at times but continues to do his best to try and fight for what he feels is morally right, which is what makes him more human than Viltrumite, but the Empire is coming.

The music on the show is always great and the comedic moments for me, land very well. I am not sure if it was the previous episode or the episode before, but the Guardians of the Globe were fighting this massive being and in a moment of pause it said to the Guardians " should tremble before my unlimited power"...there was a long pause and then The Immortal simply replied..."No!" The delivery was excellent and so funny that I laughed so hard. Another moment was when Mark was talking to someone at the comic convention and he was explaining artwork and what creators do to try and speed up their work by cutting corners which acted as an answer to many fans of the show we are currently watching and enjoying (Invincible) but are always moaning that a show (or any animated show, for that matter) is taking too long to come out. It was a meta fourth-wall "break" that I found hilarious.

Minor spoiler for this season also; having learned everything with his father Nolan, the fact that he has a brother, Mark has to do whatever he can to protect his mother, brother and girlfriend from a threat he simply is not prepared for. Also, Alan the Alien might be the only person who might be able to help.

There is so much going on and I will admit, there are times that the show does not balance ALL the story arcs out very well and if they are inter-connected at all, but with the end-credits stinger, I imagine Mark will need to fight Angstrum Levi and Alan will go back to Earth with a surprise guest in town to help defend Earth from the Viltrumites.

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