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(film review) - The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story (Short Film)

  Now this is clever marketing. It was not so long ago that the studio put out an announcement saying that there would be some delays on part 2 of "Across the Spider-Verse" and having seen the latest episode of Invincible, season 2 with the comic book artist/creator stating animation takes a very long time, putting this short film together does two things. Not only does it give the fans a little something from the team at the studio who have been delivering such an amazing story in both Spider-Verse movies, 'Into the Spider-Verse' and 'Across the Spider-Verse Part 1', but this short film also brings to light mental health and how one might feel when they feel they have too much on their plate to deal with and how to go about. It is known within society that there is this thing about being a man and everything that comes along with being a man. Not to show weakness, not to show emotion, men do not cry. Along with a barrage of other things. Men will tend to bott

(episode review) - Invincible: Season 2 - Episode 7

With something as good as this show, it is criminal that we only have 8 episodes; there was a break part of the way through and now that it is back and we are only a few episodes in, I feel this show is being ripped away from me. It's like, I just got you back and now you are going away again [insert tear-filled eyes here]. The show is THAT good and this episode is proof of that. If you have not been following this season, we started off with Mark Grayson depressed and not knowing where he stands in the world now that his father is gone. The city, along with the world is devastated that the famously good superhero Omni-Man, was a bad guy and Mark's father has died. Mark's mother Debbie, is dealing with the events of the finale of the first season badly and has been comforting herself with alcohol; and Cecil is demanding more from Mark because he does not trust him. Not only that, with a lot of time away from school and studying, Mark is struggling to maintain his grades and

(trailer review) - Alien: Romulus

The two greatest Alien films from the 80's is Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986). One was Horror/ Sci-Fi where the other was Horror/Action. Ridley Scott and James Cameron respectively and nobody seems to have been able to capture the success, tone, atmosphere and dread these two films achieved I. The 80's. When Ridley came back for Prometheus (he should have called it, Alien: Prometheus) and Alien: Covenant, even he could not nAtch his earlier work. I mean those two moves were good, but not great, unlike Alien. James put a spin on the franchise by making it a little more militaristic, but the dread was still there. The characters were there, the quotes were there, the story was there. So seeing this trailer, not only does it harken back to this franchise, but Fede Alvarez might be onto a winner here because he might have hotythe formula right. Although what I saw felt a tad bit polished, the dread was there. People on a starship with the "facehugger" aliens running rampan

(trailer review) - The Penguin

A lot of people had their reservations about Robert Pattinson. He played a vampire that sparkled and glistened in the light in that famous franchise, Twilight. I'm sure he was hated worldwide and with some people, still is, but he has definitely become a more accomplished actor since. So, The Batman was met with some resistance at first, but the film was really good and Colin Farrell as The Penguin was simply incredible. The prosthetics, the clothing and mannerisms, the accent, if you were not told it was Colin Farrell in the role, would you even know? And this trailer is a tiny portion of what he delivered in the small role he had in The Batman. This trailer is a teaser of the show and not only is Colin showing us why he has a spin-off show (because he is so great in the role), this show looks like it will centre around the rise of The Penguin in Gotham City as I am sure there will be a power vacuum after the events of The Batman movie so maybe we will see some other villains. May

(trailer review) - Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  Have you seen Beetlejuice before? The first Beetlejuice movie came out in 1988, one year before one of the best Batman movies from one of the best actors who has ever played as Batman, in a film directed by Tim Burton called, Batman. Seeing Michael Keaton don his suit again recently in The Flash film with Ezra Miller, was one of the best moments in comic book movie history (for fans of course). Your favourite actor, your favourite Batman, back looking great. But this is Beetlejuice, one of the wildest, comedy-horrors from over 3 decades ago. The first movie is almost 40 years old and they want to go back to this movie and I am guessing, try to make a franchise out of it, similar to what they are trying to do with Top Gun among many many others. I could not tell you the last time I watched this movie, maybe on VHS, but the film is creepy and funny or at least it was creepy for me when I watched it many moons ago. However as I have not watched it in such a long time, I am not sure if i

(trailer review) - Monkey Man

So I heard recently that Monkey Man played at South by South West (SXSW) and received a 10 minute standing ovation which emotionally moved the actor turned first time director to tears. As a Londoner, I am extremely proud of Dev since his breakout role in Slumdog Millionaire and whilst he has not done many movies, he had been very selective as to what he wants to do and at 33 years old, in a handful of movies and now directing, it would seem that directing is his passion and with the reviews this film is getting and with the backing of Jordan Peel himself, Dev may be one of the very few actor turn directors that will be revered as truly talented doing both, like a Ben Affleck, Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya. This trailer is the first trailer, but dialled all the way up and it looks great! Although I will be trying my best to not repeat the things I said for the first trailer, I actually may not be able to help it. This film looks amazing with a John Wick tone to it. John Wick was an

(trailer review) - The Fall Guy

  Is this essentially an action rom-com? This trailer is giving me vibes of Rom-Com masquerading as an action movie and, I think I love it. At present, Ryan Gosling cannot do anything wrong. His role as Ken in the Barbie movie was great. To be fair, the film was simply great, but he was also really good in it. He has previously been in a lot of good to great movies and I believe I first saw him in 'Gangster Squad'. He had already done 'Drive'  by this point, a film which was loved, but the film I loved and really enjoyed him in was 'The Nice Guys' with Russell Crowe directed by Shane Black. It gave me Kiss Kiss Bang Bang feels. But it was his role in Drive and La La Land  that garnered him praise as an actor, in my opinion. People cannot stop mentioning his name. I cannot say I've seen many of his films but I do recognise his talent. With that said, I have loved Emily Blunt since I first recognised her in Looper. She's a great actress. When she starred a

(trailer review) - Supacell

  The first thing I will say is a huge congratulations to man like Rapman. I do not know him at all, but he is from South London, like myself, and his film Blue Story was great. My review is on the site and I could not help but feel nostalgia watching that movie in certain moments. This film seems to be about people with superpowers and Peckham seems to be front and centre in this trailer which warms my heart since I am from that area along with Giggs, Boyega, among many others. But as this film is NOT grounded at all, considering there are superpowers involved and is also a Netflix series, it would be interesting to see how grounded he can make it feel, telling a story with struggles we could relate to as people on a human level. A man surprises his girlfriend with a car and plans to marry her and start a future with her, but when he disappears and gets a glimpse into the future and finds that she is dead, he makes it his mission to save her from a fate he saw. A very interesting con

(trailer review) - The Acolyte

  I think it goes without saying that the Star Wars franchise is in a state of flux. There have been some good movies which had no structure or plan to stabilise the franchise for great storytelling and the TV Shows have been the same. The TV shows have been small stories with particular characters where the story could have been fleshed out more with better execution. For example, I did not mind 'Ahsoka' although there were some small execution problems with it. 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' was exactly the same, but the execution was even worse and the storyline was fairly poor in comparison with some crazy antics, not to mention 'The Book of Boba Fett' which was borderline terrible for many reasons. I enjoyed it or I could say, I could see where they were going with it or wanted to do, but failed. Out of the TV shows, the 'Rogue One' prequel 'Andor' was great. 'The Mandolorian', is great (although some people have issues with it, issues I do not ag

(trailer review) - Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

First of all, I'll just get this off of my chest before anyone thinks that this "completionist" has completed and watched all the Mad Max movies...I have not, but I will, I will at some point. I just want to say, are we not cloning humans yet? Have we got there in our technology? It is 2024 and we are not cloning humans? Are we not cloning George Miller? He is 79, still making films and I kid you not, watching Mad Max: Fury Road was so good, although I did not go back to the cinema to watch it again, I thoroughly enjoyed it and just thinking about that movie brings joy to my heart. I will watch it whenever it is on. Why are we not cloning him? Visually stunning, chaotic, absurd, manic and a lot of fun! I will never forget the moment I saw the guitar man in Fury Road. My heart was filled with so much joy because I was viewing something I did not think I wanted in a movie and this trailer, this trailer...THIS TRAILER, looks like George has doubled-down on those insane ideas

(trailer review) - Rebel Moon: Part 2 - The Scargiver

Blimey, where do I start? Zack is an incredible director and out of the (possibly) 15 movies he has directed (maybe a little more), I have seen 13 of them and really enjoyed 12. It is really like that for me. I truly enjoy a Zack Snyder movie but part 1 of Rebel Moon, while I will not say it is trash, it is very hollow. A chopped-up and rushed movie that does not get anywhere with lots of exposition, stagnant dialogue and weightless characters with a protagonist with the charisma of a grape. In my review , I also stated the film felt like a part 1 as opposed to other movies which were a part 1 that came out that year AND maybe part 2 will be better. This trailer does look really good! First of all, what are you doing with a blue glowing sword thingy with someone heading towards you, shooting, fighting and messing up all your troops and you are simply walking backwards with your sword in hand not trying to attack? Are you not attacking because you do not want to hurt your fellow troops

(trailer review) - The Crow

The Crow is a remake of an old film from the 90's where the lead actor died on set in a freak-accident where a real bullet was used to kill Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee. The film was loved and became a cult hit among fans, but for a very long time since, they have been trying to get this franchise up and running again. They call it 'development hell' when they cannot seem to get a project to go ahead and it is ridiculed with set backs after set backs. At one point, Jason Mamoa was set to be the lead and I think that is where I last knew where we were with this project, until now. Bill "The 'IT' Clown is the lead and this looks really good. I never saw the 90's film and I think there was a time I saw parts of it or wanted to, but in all honesty, I think I was caught up on the "curse" of the Lee family more than wanting to watch this movie, but with that said, a man out for revenge to avenge his slain wife, but he was also slain too but comes fro

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