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(trailer review) - Deadpool and Wolverine

  First of all, I should be sleeping but I got wind of this trailer and, well...I had to watch it, because, Deadpool? Anyway, this film has been a few years in the making and due to the Pandemic and the writers strike of 2023 (events that have delayed this movie), we have had two CEO's of Disney come in and leave (one left to come back) in the time this movie was thought of, being considered, written and shot, and we have heard nothing but rumours of potential characters, "confirmed" characters, leaks and pictures and videos and finally a teaser trailer is here for what is being called 'Deadpool & Wolverine'. I cannot say I am a fan of the name, but whatever, it still looks pretty decent. The trailer starts off with a line directed to us, the viewers/audience, that although this is now a Disney movie, this movie is not for kids, and I love it! From what I understand from this teaser trailer is that...a Deadpool from a different timeline has been called by th

(trailer review) - A Quiet Place: Day One

I think I watched 'A Quiet Place' for the first time at a friend's house. I feel like I remember everything about that week and what led up to me watching it. I remember having not gone to the cinema to watch it for whatever reasons and having such a great weekend, I was starting to have a terrible week. It was December 7th and I had recently seen the trailer to Birdbox. There was a lot of buzz around the Birdbox movie and although I do think Sandra Bullock is a great actress, I was not at all bothered about the movie because I kept hearing how 'A Quiet Place' is a great movie and how it was a better Birdbox movie, I just had not seen it yet. So I am at my friend's house and we are watching it and the staircase scene comes and I swear, I have never been so traumatized. Then you had the bathtub scene. You could cut the tension. From that moment, I knew the film was a winner so when the sequel came out, I did not hesitate to watch it. I loved the sequel also (alth

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