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(trailer review) - Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire


I haver probably said this somewhere on this blog that I have always been a Ghostbusters fan. I am not entirely sure as to what it is that draws me in, but I have always liked the movies, well...the first movies we it took me a long time to watch the second. I do not really remember watching the cartoon religiously but I am sure I watched a few episodes. I got the Xbox game that came out several years ago and enjoyed that (not sure if I completed it but I did enjoy it). I watched the all women's Ghostbusters reboot  they did and that was, well...ok-ish, more confusing than anything. When Ghostbusters Afterlife came out, I went to see it and really enjoyed it. I would not say I am a super fan as I am sure there are other games and mediums I have not seen, played or have taken an interest in, but I will still stand by what I have said, I like Ghostbusters. This trailer though, I have some reservations but I am intrigued by it.

Although Dan Ackroyd has been known to try and get another Ghostbusters movie going for years and tries to insert himself into other Ghostbusters projects, the combination of both new and old Ghostbusters minus Harold Ramis of course, is great. This looks really good although the threat reminds me of the first Ghostbusters movie, some kind of possession, maybe? Seeing Janine is amazing and in uniform. Seeing Winston is great and the iconic building simply makes me smile. I am loving the Drone-Capture Trap which is a step up from the RC-Capture Trap but a discrepancy I have with the trailer and the script is, did the guy say The Ghostbusters CLAIM to have saved the world but there were no eyewitnesses? Really? There must have been a handful of people who at least, would come forward to explain something they could not explain. Secondly, I did not think Ant-Man was in Afterlife and he seems to have appeared here. Maybe it is the comedy of the scene and the delivery but Paul Rudd simply comes across as Ant-Man in this moment. Also another thing, I know it is a PG but not seeing someone get caught on a ice-spike would be a travesty. Even if it was blurred out in the background. All these spike could not randomly come out of the ground and miss hundreds of people? Ridiculous. All-in-all though, I am interested.


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