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(trailer review) - Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Let me get this somewhat straight. The film Mr. & Mrs. Smith starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were about two secret agents who did not know each other were secret agents and find out that they were both secret agents when they were tasked to take out each other and other secret agents or mercenaries were sent to their home to kill them both...from their own secret agency? Am I accurate? I pulled that from the deep depths of my brain and I really feel I am on the money with it. However, this trailer seems to have taken the name of Mr & Mrs Smith, to have two people who do not know each other, who are from the same agency, working together to carry out a mission but they need to pretend that they are a married couple whole they fulfil their assignment. Why not just call it something else?

There was a part in this trailer that made me laugh, and that was when they were sitting at the table and the woman across from them asked, "what is your sexual life like?" I am not utterly sure why I found that funny but I guess I have my own reasons. Donald looks amazing in this, dress and body-wise. Is that a white polo neck? Giving me Archer 'The Wind Cries Mary' vibes. If I am honest, the series looks cool and this is only a trailer, I am simply caught up in the name at this point. Also, I just need a little more to be fully interested because as of right now, I just feel like they are banking off the name/title itself to give us something that is lacking. With that said though, Donald Glover I'd producing and has helped to create, I can only assume as it is a action, drama-comedy, spy thriller, with other great actors such as Parker Posey, Ron Pearlman, John Turturro and Michaela Coel, I should have faith in this from these actors alone? I'll wait for another trailer.


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