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(film review) - Rebel Moon part 1: Child of Fire

Trash? I would not say trash, but maybe I am giving one of my "favourite" directors a pass? Maybe I am being too lenient on Zack because most of his movies, I have seen and enjoyed. This film has a few problems, but the problems it does have, are major problems. Everything else is fine and in some cases, great. True Zack Snyder storytelling, but the problems stick out like a sore thumb and some people may not be able to cast that aside. I am not saying that I happily cast aside the problems, not at all, but I feel I can identify the problems, separate them from the other good/great moments and give my opinion on what I think of the movie overall. I'll explain. Kora is an ex-soldier, who defected from the Imperium, an infantry, part of The Motherworld a militaristic empire who seek to rule the universe through centuries of conquests and war. Living a quiet life on a distant moon on a farm helping out the locals, the imperium comes knocking and Admiral Atticus Noble seeks o

(trailer review) - Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  Let me get this somewhat straight. The film Mr. & Mrs. Smith starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were about two secret agents who did not know each other were secret agents and find out that they were both secret agents when they were tasked to take out each other and other secret agents or mercenaries were sent to their home to kill them both...from their own secret agency? Am I accurate? I pulled that from the deep depths of my brain and I really feel I am on the money with it. However, this trailer seems to have taken the name of Mr & Mrs Smith, to have two people who do not know each other, who are from the same agency, working together to carry out a mission but they need to pretend that they are a married couple whole they fulfil their assignment. Why not just call it something else? There was a part in this trailer that made me laugh, and that was when they were sitting at the table and the woman across from them asked, "what is your sexual life like?" I a

(series review) - Blue Eye Samurai

  I love anime, but if I am honest, I am the anime watcher of yesteryear. I loved Manga when I was growing up. I collected Guyver on VHS, New Dominion Tank Police, I had Project A-Ko and Akira is an absolute classic. Unless I am mistaken, Anime is the "new" Manga and I am not really into it. I am not caught up and I do not watch them all some interest me and some don't. I simply want something to capture my attention and satisfy my anime-watching needs occasionally. I used to watch The Boondocks and Afro Samurai. I got into Attack on Titan (but fell off), I watched Castlevania and watched Troll Hunters (but fell off), I don't know. I just need something a bit more engaging. When I heard about Blue Eye Samurai, I kept hearing good things so I decided to give it a go.  It is great! In the time of the Samurai around the 1600s and the Edo period of Japan, a mixed race/bi-racial child was born. Frowned on by the locals, discriminated against, bullied and called names like

(trailer review) - Dune: Part 2

  Star Wars is one of the best "sci-fi" franchises out there, next to Alien, Terminator and Predator. However, Dune is something that came out back in the day as well and if I am honest, nobody really talks about it? Was it well received when it came out? Maybe, but people talk about Blade Runner which came out 2 years before. Alien 5 years before that and Terminator, a year after Dune. So, why didn't Dune do well? I could not answer that as I have not seen it and I am not sure if I really care to, but I have watched the most recent remake and it is phenomenal. Denis Vilenue directed something I feel, is just short of a masterpiece. Maybe it is my bias towards sci-fi, but everything in that movie was simply, well told, well acted and well visualised. It was a long movie, but you did not feel it. The ships looked amazing and the shear size of them. A story that is only starting to begin with the sequel. The film did a lot to show us who the main characters are, the side ch

(trailer review) - The Boys: Season 4

I tell you what is interesting, there has been a lot of talk about Superhero fatigue, that people are tired of superhero movies, shows etc, it is everywhere. However, if this was correct, a show like this would not have the buzz and hype surrounding it. No, it isn't just the blood and gruesome kills. It is not the adult language or sexual content, it is the storylines. It is the drama behind the visuals. The Boys find a way to teach/say or even address issues other comic book shows and movies would not even dare to even think about. So with that said, there is a quality and execution issue and The Boys, three seasons deep and a spin-off show, Gen-V, does not suffer from that. Numan is running for Presidency, Billy is dying, Homeland has his kid back and it also seems he is going to trial due to his behaviour back in the previous season, not to mention that large crowd of Homelander or Supes supporters. With new superheroes emerging as well, season 4 of The Boys seems as though it i

(trailer review) - Fallout

I got onto the game series Fallout when I purchased Fallout 3. I did not see a Fallout 1 or 2 on the Xbox Elite, so I took the game as it was and I played it. A Role-Playing game unlike others I had played before (Final Fantasy) and if I am honest, it might have been due to some good words about the game, plus the box cover looked cool enough which led me to purchase it. I played the game and I really enjoyed it. Your character is part of a colony who have chosen to live in an underground bunker to protect themselves from a nuclear fallout. After many years, you decide to leave the bunker and step into the world which is now a wasteland. You are essentially a wanderer travelling from town to town meeting and helping various people and also trying to stay alive within a hostile environment. This trailer seems as though it has captured (to an extent) what the game is about. I say to an extent because there are many people in their vault onesies whereas in the game, there are not many vau

(trailer review) - Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

I remember hearing George wanted to do a Furiosa movie and that Anya Taylor Joy was going to be cast. I might have even heard Chris Hemsworth as well, but honestly, I feel the news since, had disappeared into the sandstorm for a few years only to spit out this trailer. If you recall from my Mad Max: Fury Road review, I said "This film is AMAZING. What a spectacle. Vibrant colours, camera angles and visuals, explosions, insane looking vehicles, characters and appendages. The film is soo insane with soo many moving parts, you can't help but follow Max in his journey." And it seems as though George Miller has done the same thing, AGAIN! Have you not watched this trailer? Whilst I have not seen the other movies (and I have mentioned that before so please do not scould me - and yes, I did say I will watch the others since Fury road, I tried, I really did. I'll try again), I am not sure if some of the styles used in Fury Road was used in previous movies, but I can see them

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