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(trailer review) - Rebel Moon

It goes without saying, whilst I have said this, time and time again, Zack Snyder really know how to visualise a movie to simply look beautiful. Style over Substance, but his substance does indeed hold more weight, if you were to compare against someone else "like-for-like" like a, Michael Bay. I will say it time and time again and I will always continue to sing his praises, Zack Snyder, where he may not be a Christopher Nolan, he is a very capable director and this trailer is a display of that. 

I heard initially that this film was a "Star Wars" movie, but as it was rejected, we now have Rebel Moon that seems almost and very close to a very good Star Wars movie, a Star Wars adjacent movie that looks really good.

We have farmers living and making a honest living and this "Empire" of sorts has come to flex their empiric muscle and this young lady, an ex-something, has a past in which she will now need to bring to the surface and gather other allies to her cause to fight to topple the Galactic Empire, I mean, these pesky do-badders. Yes we have seen it a thousand times but who cares, this looks great. I am just hoping the story holds as much weight as the visuals. Man of Steel was great. So was 300. Let this be something we will want to rewatch again and again on Netflix. I hope this movie spins off into a decent franchise (providing it is good) so Zack can get a win.


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