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(trailer review) - Madame Web

I will start off by saying, my exposure to Madame Web was from the Spider-Man animated series back in the 90's. Peter Parker looked like a grown man in his striped polo shirt and jeans and Madame Web teleported him to her realm where she would put him on trial to teach him and give him clues on how to be a better Spider-Man. She was blind. She was old. She wore a long sleek dress and she sat on a throne which looked like it was made from spider webs. She had skills and was clairvoyant. This Madame Web seems to only predict the future and not only is she a lot younger, she is also, not blind. I heard this is meant to be a origin story for Madame Web, but upon watching this trailer, I cannot help but ask, "What is this?".

This woman seems to see things before they happen, in a diner, on a train, in an ambulance, and each time (well most times) in this trailer, a man they later call Ezekiel Sims is trying to kill these girls and he is wearing some sort of Spider-Man suit. Later in the trailer, we do see these girls as different spider people, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl etc, and it seems as though there might may be some sort of time travelling element to this movie, but one thing I definitely know for sure, I am not sold on this at all. Maybe it is because I would have preferred an older Madame Web, maybe I cannot see past the "fake" Spider-Man suit, like why is he wearing that? Toys? I googled Ezekiel Sims and he looks nothing like what we saw in that Spider-Man-ish suit. The pics are saw were a man in a business suit and barefooted. I am simply conflicted and I need another trailer to sell me on what Sony are trying to do, again.


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