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(trailer review) - Madame Web

I will start off by saying, my exposure to Madame Web was from the Spider-Man animated series back in the 90's. Peter Parker looked like a grown man in his striped polo shirt and jeans and Madame Web teleported him to her realm where she would put him on trial to teach him and give him clues on how to be a better Spider-Man. She was blind. She was old. She wore a long sleek dress and she sat on a throne which looked like it was made from spider webs. She had skills and was clairvoyant. This Madame Web seems to only predict the future and not only is she a lot younger, she is also, not blind. I heard this is meant to be a origin story for Madame Web, but upon watching this trailer, I cannot help but ask, "What is this?". This woman seems to see things before they happen, in a diner, on a train, in an ambulance, and each time (well most times) in this trailer, a man they later call Ezekiel Sims is trying to kill these girls and he is wearing some sort of Spider-Man suit. La

(trailer review) - Rebel Moon

It goes without saying, whilst I have said this, time and time again, Zack Snyder really know how to visualise a movie to simply look beautiful. Style over Substance, but his substance does indeed hold more weight, if you were to compare against someone else "like-for-like" like a, Michael Bay. I will say it time and time again and I will always continue to sing his praises, Zack Snyder, where he may not be a Christopher Nolan, he is a very capable director and this trailer is a display of that.  I heard initially that this film was a "Star Wars" movie, but as it was rejected, we now have Rebel Moon that seems almost and very close to a very good Star Wars movie, a Star Wars adjacent movie that looks really good. We have farmers living and making a honest living and this "Empire" of sorts has come to flex their empiric muscle and this young lady, an ex-something, has a past in which she will now need to bring to the surface and gather other allies to her c

(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revolution

[ FIRST LOOK TRAILER ] So this is meant to be the official teaser to Masters of the Universe: Revolution, but to me, it feels like a trailer, considering how much they have given us. If you have not watched Masters of the Universe: Revelation, you are surely missing out. Yes, you cannot please everyone and while you might have some things to say about what you wanted from it, I really enjoy the fleshing out of Eternia and the supporting characters to He-Mans plight. Skeletor seems like he may not be the person who is going to be the main antagonist for He-Man this time around because it seems there is a new and possibly even more powerful villain who may want Eternia and Skeletor, I do not see him sharing. Maybe Skeletor and He-Man may join forces to take out the greater threat. That's Keith David's voice! Although I enjoyed season 1 and the 5 episodes and would definitely come back for more, hearing Keith's voice had sold me again. Let's just hope this first proper tra

(trailer review) - The Marvels

  Whilst I try not to watch multiple trailers due to information overload, I cannot help but pick out the differences as well as compare the trailers apart from one another. Sometimes that goes against a backdrop of rumours or speculation along the way, but I do try to keep an objective and open opinion in my reviews. With that said, I would definitely not say this is a terrible trailer, but I will say it is a better trailer, albeit lacking, but something they should have initially led with, including highlights. This trailer starts with Ironman (where it all began) and shows us the Star Bangled man with a plan, Captain America, making us remember where the MCU started and what heroes look like. They touch on Thanos and what he did, telling us their would be more people like him with sinister plans and Nick Fury seems to be asking Carol to come in and help on something equally world destroying. We get glimpses of Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel and we also get some dialogue with Monica Ram

(series review) - Loki: Season 2

Phase Four of the MCU does not seem to make much sense, nor does it gel well with the other films and shows around it. Having a global pandemic was surely going to mess things up for the well-oiled machine that was Disney's MCU. Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three and the Infinity Saga was concluded with a big nice bow around it. We were told of another villain, Kang the Conquerer and how he would be the big bad of the Multiverse Saga, Phase 4, 5 and 6 and that everything would lead up to Avengers Kang Dynasty and then Avengers Secret Wars. Interestingly enough, I heard that the reason they wanted to go the Kang Dynasty route, was due to the performance of the actor, Johnathan Majors, how he wowed everyone at the end of the first season of Loki. The MCU found their guy and found their story arc. Johnathan played Kang the Conquerer in Ant-Man Quatumania and it was going to be a wonder, how he would factor into the second season of Loki due to the events of the first season. After the

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