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(trailer review) - Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft

I honestly want to believe, I knew about this but I had forgotten. Like who knew about this? Who? You see Tomb Raider for me goes back several years to when it first came out on the PlayStation. A woman with seemingly big boobs and holding duel pistols discovering tombs and shooting bad guys and (likely) endangered species. I was young, she looked cool. A puzzle with a touch of survival, game which told a story of a woman from a wealthy background who tries to follow in her father's footsteps to discover ancient artefacts. After several game releases and the excellent re-release, upon playing that trilogy (but more from the first game), I labelled Lara a 'Spider-Monkey'. This was because you could run, jump, scurry and climb, so when you were fighting and trying to defeat enemies, Lara would often look like she is running on all fours when you would scurry along and possibly even roll to avoid danger. When used well along with her arsenal, Lara is a formidable character, which brings me to this trailer.

This trailer is excellent and it seems as though they are either picking up where the last reboot trilogy of games left off or telling a brand new story off of the back of the rebooted story, either way, this not only gives me Korra vibes, but has the potential to be an anime/cartoon version of the Indian Jones-type to possibly dig into deeper lore and a bigger story. I must say, I have a soft spot for Tomb Raider as I had fun with the first two games, Angel of Darkness was ok, but with Underworld, Legend and the Anniversary edition, I fell back in love with the character. The rebooted trilogy was also great and I have been waiting on a new game ever since, but this cartoon may even tide me over until the new game drops, either way, I am watching this without hesitation. Having Hayley Atwell as the voice is simply, class!


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