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(trailer review) - Argylle

I try to keep my ear to the ground when it comes to movies, actors, what is coming out, who is involved in what, when etc and while I think I am doing a decent-to-okay job, something exciting sometimes slips past my radar that leaves me surprised. This trailer for Argylle is something I never even heard of, but with this cast, wow! With the writers and actors strike of recent, things have been fairly quiet because nobody could talk about any projects coming up, if they were supporting the guild, but I feel like, as soon as they came to some sort of tentative agreement, the floodgates have opened and BOOM, trailers after trailers after trailers have dropped! Netflix, for a start... Check my reviews on what they are up to! But I thought I would have heard something about this movie considering a lot of talk in recent months have centred around Henry Cavill due to his role in Black Adam etc. 

This trailer definitely gives me a Kingsman/Man from U.N.C.L.E/Bullet Train vibes and I found Bullet Train soo entertaining and wild. Clever writing, brilliant acting, clever use of the camera and when everything seems to be hitting on all cylinders, sometimes you can have a really great and entertaining film. For example, a few moments in this trailer made me smile or laugh, for example; when John Cena's character took the woman off of the bike as she was riding it, brilliant! The moment Sam Rockwell opened his mouth on the train to Bryce Dallas Howard (I knew it was him) and then the fight ensues, excellent!  Seeing Samual L. Jackson, was a little bit of a roll your eyes moment for me, of course he would be in this movie, of course. I love me some Samuel L. Jackson but his presence did not surprise me. Seeing Sophia Boutella as well as Bryan Cranston, already I am highly interested, not to mention Superman himself, Henry Cavill and Catherine O'Hara. The premise from what I can gather from the trailer, a woman writing a novel plays out actions with real people in real life, so someone wants to kidnap her to help them to achieve their goal. Interesting indeed. This already looks great, nothing else needs to be done to sell me any more.


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