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(trailer review) - Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

I have mixed feelings about this movie because overall, I am concerned with the direction of the old guard. I have heard that the test screenings for this movie have not gone over well with audiences but at the same time, there has been a lot of reshooting, chopping and changing and I can only assume the movie must feel a little disjointed. Jason Mamoa is an excellent actor, but all actors are only human, so with the drama with Amber Heard, similar to the drama surrounding Ezra Miller before The Flash came out, I'd imagine the negativity has taken a little wind out of the sails. Also, with the change of direction in Warner Bro, James Gunn shepherding the new DCU, I will point out that he said something amounting to, the old guard is not gone, but he is doing something new and there could be space for the old guard to return in some capacity in the future. I need to find the quote really, but with the events of The Flash and what The Flash can do, maybe the DCEU is not fully gone after this movie? It is hard to say, but this is where everyone and their mother and grandmother will want to know, after Henry Cavill, is Jason Mamoa's Aquaman finished after this since it seems the world/universe is? Like, who wants to participate and "enjoy" a world where the characters do not mean anything to anyone anymore? I didn't get to see Blue Beetle. I didn't get to see Shazam or Black Adam, but the general consensus around those movies was, they were ok. I think Blue Beetle may have had the best response from the audience out of those three but Black Adam did the best although people thought it was good/decent. So, if Aquaman is not at least really very good (kinda like how I felt The Flash was [I don't care, I enjoyed it]), then the DCEU is definitely down the pan.

This trailer looks decent though and it seems the movie has some promise. I wouldn't say I am excited but I enjoyed the first movie and James Wan did a fantastic job. It was crazy, in places it was dark and somewhat scary in others, but it was very entertaining and if this movie is able to keep the same energy, it will do well. A billion, no, but it will do well. But with the cannibalization of the DCEU by way of WB, their reactionary ways and the introduction of James Gunn and the statements that have been said, the question now becomes, "who is going to watch this movie, because who cares?" And that IS the problem. Black Manta was a fly in the ointment in the first movie that seemed to not really go anywhere but overall, the movie was good and Yahya was great in the role, he is a phenomenal actor. Here, he looks like he is about to cause all manner of issues for Arthur Curry and it seems he needs to seek the help of his brother and another person and a huge fight will ensue. Colourful, entertaining, comical and as long as the story is good and not just ok, I can see this movie as being successful in the sense that, people will go to see it just to see it, but to get that repeat viewing, this movie will need to be soo good, people will forgive the fact this might be a one and done and go back to see it because they had fun. WB need that and even if they do or do not get it, a new DCU is on the way anyway, so again, who cares? We like Jason, we going for Jason, right?


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