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(trailer review) - Argylle

I try to keep my ear to the ground when it comes to movies, actors, what is coming out, who is involved in what, when etc and while I think I am doing a decent-to-okay job, something exciting sometimes slips past my radar that leaves me surprised. This trailer for Argylle is something I never even heard of, but with this cast, wow! With the writers and actors strike of recent, things have been fairly quiet because nobody could talk about any projects coming up, if they were supporting the guild, but I feel like, as soon as they came to some sort of tentative agreement, the floodgates have opened and BOOM, trailers after trailers after trailers have dropped! Netflix, for a start... Check my reviews on what they are up to! But I thought I would have heard something about this movie considering a lot of talk in recent months have centred around Henry Cavill due to his role in Black Adam etc.  This trailer definitely gives me a Kingsman/Man from U.N.C.L.E/Bullet Train vibes and I found Bul

(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revolution

If you are a He-Man fan, you are definitely missing out if you have not yet watched Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Yes, your criteria may vary in regards to what you will want and what you will expect to see in the show because everyone and their mother has an opinion about something or other, but if you are open-minded to the storytelling like how I was, you should have yourself a good time. I stated in my review that there were some creative liberties taken and some characters felt side-lined to push other characters to the forefront, but while people were screaming woke (because they do not know what that word really means), the people behind Masters of the universe (to me in any case) were being progressive and trying to tell a well thought-out story and have made attempts to flesh out the world of Eternia to make it richer with lore. I am guessing some people may have just wanted Adam swinging his sword and chopping down foes, but that would make He-Man one dimensional and f

(trailer review) - Devil May Cry

Me and Devil May Cry goes back to the very first game. Why did I buy this game? I am not sure why if I am honest. It might have been the games box cover art. A guy holding two pistols with white hair. Devil May Cry written in joined up writing and a silhouette of a woman holding two guns. I don't know, but the game just called to me. The games cover art called to me as well as the title, I guess. I purchased and got into the game and while the camera angles could prove to be a little difficult at times, the game reminded me of a Resident Evil game (due to camera angles) and having two pistols, one named ebony and the other named ivory, the game was fun. Fighting weird puppet-type monsters, fighting giant spiders and other floating or flying enemies as well as difficult bosses. But what made the game different was the fact that you also had a big long sword you could slash enemies with and often, if not all the time, you could use your guns and sword interchangeably during battle an

(trailer review) - Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft

I honestly want to believe, I knew about this but I had forgotten. Like who knew about this? Who? You see Tomb Raider for me goes back several years to when it first came out on the PlayStation. A woman with seemingly big boobs and holding duel pistols discovering tombs and shooting bad guys and (likely) endangered species. I was young, she looked cool. A puzzle with a touch of survival, game which told a story of a woman from a wealthy background who tries to follow in her father's footsteps to discover ancient artefacts. After several game releases and the excellent re-release, upon playing that trilogy (but more from the first game), I labelled Lara a 'Spider-Monkey'. This was because you could run, jump, scurry and climb, so when you were fighting and trying to defeat enemies, Lara would often look like she is running on all fours when you would scurry along and possibly even roll to avoid danger. When used well along with her arsenal, Lara is a formidable character, wh

(trailer review) - Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

I have mixed feelings about this movie because overall, I am concerned with the direction of the old guard. I have heard that the test screenings for this movie have not gone over well with audiences but at the same time, there has been a lot of reshooting, chopping and changing and I can only assume the movie must feel a little disjointed. Jason Mamoa is an excellent actor, but all actors are only human, so with the drama with Amber Heard, similar to the drama surrounding Ezra Miller before The Flash came out, I'd imagine the negativity has taken a little wind out of the sails. Also, with the change of direction in Warner Bro, James Gunn shepherding the new DCU, I will point out that he said something amounting to, the old guard is not gone, but he is doing something new and there could be space for the old guard to return in some capacity in the future. I need to find the quote really, but with the events of The Flash and what The Flash can do, maybe the DCEU is not fully gone af

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