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(trailer review) - Rebel Moon


The Teaser! What was THAT garbage? Sorry, but seriously, what WAS that? In my last review, I said "I cannot say that this teaser trailer blew me away" and that was one of if not the very first thing I said. This trailer though, WOW! Lead with this! If you have read any of my Zack Snyder reviews, plus, I also said in my last review of this movie's trailer, "...I am a Zack Snyder fan" but fan or not, this trailer looks epic. I know it was a teaser but unfortunately, I do not believe that the teaser trailer helped to sell this movie to me or anyone at all, especially if you compare it to this. They definitely held back because if you look at these two trailers back to back, this trailer tells you everything and nothing about this movie, while the last trailer just gives us some very clean visuals and a whole lot of nothing. While I will say the visuals do somewhat still look fairly clean in comparison to Dune, for example, I am actually blown away by this trailer.

Whilst the last trailer intrigued me (and let's be honest, likely because of Zack Snyder), this trailer gave me 300/Gladiator vibes, Star Wars (obviously, considering), Dune, and maybe even a little Game of Thrones. I am totally down with this movie and the cast alone is excellent. Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, Ray Fisher, Ed Skrein and Anthony Hopkins. All the quality stylised imagery we expect from Zack is here. The sci-fi AND the fantasy is here. The music sounds great and I can only hope, Zack has crafted a nice little movie he can build a franchise from even though it was initially meant to be a Star Wars story. Seeing those "glowing swords/batons" felt a little forced, but other than that and the legions of soldiers standing to attention like stormtroopers, I hope this film feels nothing like Star Wars. We need something different. We need new IP and this might actually be it. The second trailer should give us a little more, but so far, this looks great.


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