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(trailer review) - Rebel Moon


I cannot say that this teaser trailer blew me away. But I can say that I am a Zack Snyder fan. Not a die-hard fan who petitioned and signed a "release the Snyder-cut", but I have enjoyed pretty much all of his movies. In my reviews somewhere, you will read several things I've said about Zack and his filmmaking, but unfortunately, I do not believe this teaser trailer helped sell this movie to me at all. And granted, this is a teaser trailer, but there has been much better teasers out there. I think one of the things I have learned about this movie, is that this movie initially started out as a Star Wars movie within that universe, so with that in mind, I am very conflicted. Star Wars has not really gone anywhere over the last few years, so it would have been nice to see something new and refreshing from a director with a unique vision, but this teaser trailer is just not it.

This trailer intrigues me. While some of the concepts look great and while we are not told what the story might be, this trailer helps to show us that traditional Zack Snyder action. One of the major drawbacks I have with this trailer, is the lack of, other worldly stuff and the sense of space and galaxies. The landscapes looked very earthy, very natural and maybe you could travel to the lands we see via train, plane or is it kiterally in somebody's back garden. I think of films like Dune where all the landscapes and even the wardrobe looked out of this world, while this almost looks fan made. But I will give Zack the benefit of the doubt and I just hope he is able to spin off a lovely franchise out of this, granted it is really good. We hope.


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