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(trailer review) - Loki: Season 2

I am not sure how I feel about this at this rate. I say that because the trailer for Secret Invasion looked great, gave me all the feels of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but upon watching the entire series, it was not as close as I would have liked it to have been. So in turn, this is giving me all the feels of something really good, or at least something reasonably decent like the first season of Loki, but Marvel's track rate at present is very hit-and-miss, which does not fill me with enough confidence to fully feel excited about a Marvel property, just like if I were watching a DC trailer. Harsh I know, but am I right or wrong? I have tried to stay open-minded over Marvel's Phase 4 and I do simply boil it down to Phase 1 and how nothing made any sense until we got closer to the pieces connecting, but Phase 4 just simply seems like pieces with barely any connections or loose connectivity. Where are we going? It's just confusion really. I am adamant that there is a bigger story to be told here and that the pieces are coming together, albeit very slowly, but my confidence in Marvel right now is waning 

This trailer looks authentic though. And I mean authentic in a way that, season 1 looked a specific way, was a specific way and was executed a specific way. It was simply consistent in tone and everything. This seems to be a mirror to that and at least that is a great thing. Do not try to fix what is not broken. The trailer does not give away much and most importantly, maybe this show will give us a bit more of that connective tissue 'us' Marvel or comic book fans need to help piece together this phase since Kang in Ant-Man Quantumania was great and all, but let us see where we are going with this now. Bring us into the room Marvel so we can understand better where you are heading. Tom IS Loki at this rate, so there is not much to write home about here, but Owen is just excellent. Seeing Ke Huy Quan is lovely, especially after watching a film about a Multiverse with 'Everything Everywhere All At Once', It is about time we see him everywhere because 'The Goonies' and 'Indiana Jones' among a few others is simply not enough. I think Marvel also needs to let us know where and when these events are happening in the timeline because I think all this ambiguity is also not helping us. The trailer looks solid, the acting looks solid and I sincerely hope, the writing, the story and everything about this show is up to snuff, or Marvel will have a problem on their hands.


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