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(trailer review) - Gen V


I try to keep my ear as close to the ground as possible and I hear of a lot of TV shows and movies and for the most part, I remember them, even when I am not fully invested, but this one caught me off guard. I wasn't shocked as if I just didn't know, but it was definitely a wow, I forgot about that moment when I saw the trailer. And this trailer looks really good.

It seems as though the main character is the girl in it surrounded by supporting actors with a few guest stars from 'The Boys' universe which is brilliant for world building. I never watched the cartoon they did because I simply had to draw the line on that, but this looks like it could be quite good, I am just hoping that a lot of the scenarios are not simply gratuitous just for gratuitous-sake because the TV series sometimes feels like that, but there is heavy dramatic and moralistic themes and scenarios that ground the show to make it more relatable even though we are talking about super powered beings. I would say, a lot of people tune in because we are looking at super powered people being regular people even if that means the person is scummy or has zero values, the fact they are super, does not make them a better person and I think this show can stress this especially from a teenaged perspective. So far, from what I see, this looks interesting and while this has me intrigued, this will need to grip me more with a hook that makes me come back for more weekly because there is nothing like something riding the coattails of something else expecting to be great just like it's predecessor and it is garbage, so we shall see.


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