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(trailer review) - The Creator


First of all, this looks incredible. This is now the second trailer for this movie, The Creator and as I said in my previous review, this is the type of sci-fi I love. Ex-Machina was great, District 9 was great and if you throw in some old school films such as The Terminator, we are onto a winner, right? Don't get me wrong, this movie could crash and burn a disastrous and horribly tragic death but it does look incredible. For the most part, this trailer does not really show anything too different from what we had already seen in the previous trailer, so while we understand that Joshua decides to protect this little child for, reasons, we do not necessarily know why other than maybe, children are inherently innocent and he thinks he might be able to teach this young child the good in humanity.

Whilst watching this trailer, there is a part where someone says to the child, "No we don't have that here, do you want Ice Cream"? And the child looks up and smiles happily to the thought of having Ice Cream. I will tell you this now, if Mr Edwards is able to finesse this movie in such a way, to evoke a lot of emotion through the bond between Joshua and this child, you are going to cry. Just witnessing the innocence of youth along with a "species" trying to defend itself from a threat, lends itself to some great storytelling where if done right, might actually just rip your heart out. The big vehicles, guns and warfare, it seems we could get the perspective of both sides to this war but I do wonder if this is something that could be resolved by the end of the movie or will there be sequels? Like, how do you stop the machines? An EMP? I would not think they are alllinked to a hive mind or something central, destroy the central "processing unit" and they all shut down? It will be very interesting as to where we go with this.


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