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(trailer review) - Atom Eve Special Episode

This is for the fans. This might even be for women, ladies, girls or simply the female audience to latch onto and bring them into this franchise. I cannot quite say, but if you know about the show Invincible and loved the show like many others, then yes, this is definitely for you and this trailer helps to flesh out the world of Invincible just a little more by giving us a little background on one of the popular characters going forwards. For those who are unaware of who Atom Eve is, the show and other, here is a quick synopsis of the show Invincible. Invincible centres around a teenager named Mark who comes into his superpowers and is taught to hone them through his father. Whilst trying to juggle schoolwork and his relationship, Mark decides to take on the responsibility of trying to become a superhero like his father. Atom Eve, a fellow high schooler who is also a superhero and a part of her own team, tries to assist Mark, helps him to become part of a team and how he can juggle his superhero life along with his school life and relationship.

This trailer looks great and is just a reminder to those who watched the Invincible show, how great the animation was for the character and the action. Watching this trailer transported me back to watching the first season and how great it was from the voice acting to the music to the storyline. Learning Atom Eve was a government experiment might play a part in how she is as a person later on in life regarding her decisions and it may give us an idea as to what might/could happen in season 2 of Invincible. Considering this is also a "flashback" it is possible we will see characters which may appear in season 2 of Invincible or even younger versions of the characters we got to know in season 1. Definitely, something I will be interested in as Atom Eve is a cool character among many and considering this might just be one episode, I will not be losing out on anything, as long as Invincible season 2 is not, let's say 10 episodes, but we get 9 episodes and the 10th episode is this one. I'd be pretty upset.


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