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(series review) [STREAMING] - Atom Eve Special Episode

I heard murmurs regarding this show having already been out. I thought people were getting the TV show, (well episode) confused with the trailer. You see, Amazon Prime dropped the trailer, but a friend of mine told me the special episode was out too. Of course, I did not believe it, but I had a look for myself and low and behold Invincible: Atom Eve Special Episode was out and I really did not realise how much I was chomping at the bit to watch it. As stated in my trailer review, Atom Eve is a side character from the TV show Invincible and she helps Invincible be part of a team and become a better team player. This show is a prequel to the events of season one of Invincible and it dives deep into the background of how Atom Eve came about. But is it just as good as the Invincible series? Yes, yes it really is!

We start off with chaos and destruction as a team of super-powered people are wreaking havoc, but they are stopped by The Guardians of the Globe. We see how the team fights with one another, not as in-sync as we have seen them before as they are bantering to one another and fighting for hits rather than working as a team, but just when things were looking good for them, the roof begins to collapse in and it is caught by Omni-man. Around this time, a woman is pregnant and about to give birth, we later learn this is the birth of Atom Eve.

We get a short but visually descriptive montage, which soon leads to a young Atom Eve discovering her powers, figuring them out and wanting to do good in the world. This leads to her creating her secret identity, stopping crime and fighting figures who seem to know her and want her dead. At the same time, Atom Eve is being pursued by other figures who have their own agenda.

Not to drag the MCU through the mud and dirt, but if you do something successfully, you can keep on repeating that success if you understand what you have, what you are doing with it and how to deliver it. You can add to it, you can enhance it, you can explore and expand on it whilst continuing to deliver everything you did before. Season one of Invincible is just that. This special episode is just that and it is also, quality. I just feel when you do too much, you lose track of which plates are spinning and the quality dips and the plates begin to fall.

The music was decent in this episode, nothing too recognisable as season one of Invincible, but the voice acting was amazing. Hearing the late great Lance Reddick got me a little emotional because I didn't realise I could recognise his voice until I did. I looked it up and I was filled with sorrow. Such a great actor. The animation is simply top notch and when it comes to the fighting scenes, I feel the people behind this show have not missed a single step. Beat for beat and pound for pound, the show simply feels as though it picked up where season one left off as everything felt so fluid unlike the noticeable difference in quality when comparing Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse with Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse. With the latter, everything went up a level where although I do not think that has happened here, that does not make it a bad thing, at least it did not dip in quality. Moreover, seeing the Guardians of the Globe was a refreshing touch, considering, and this taster simply makes me look forward to season two which ultimately upsets me as I want it now. If you have not seen the first season of Invincible and you are into cartoons/anime, get on it. Both this and season one is just great storytelling and I can only assume, season two will just be bigger and better. I wonder if Robert is going to give us more one-shots like this? I'd definitely not say no!

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