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(series review) [STREAMING] - Secret Invasion

There comes a point where you simply throw in the towel. There comes a point where you reach great heights, but the "ceiling" of your own making prevents you from soaring to new heights. The MCU has gotten to a point where, while I would have stated, they are only competing against themselves in film, yes, but in TV shows, no. With numerous other TV shows from different IPs out there creating great content, the juggernaut of comic book movies' clumsy transition and decline in TV show production is starting to dilute the brand for the fans and we are very close to throwing in the towel. With that said, the MCU's movies of late have not been great also, so we fans are maybe, closer to giving up on the franchise because mediocrity does not enthuse us, the fans. This might sound harsh and it also might paint an ugly picture of how I ultimately feel about this show, but I kid you not, this show was actually, really really good, in places...but that is the problem, in place

(trailer review) - Loki: Season 2

I am not sure how I feel about this at this rate. I say that because the trailer for Secret Invasion looked great, gave me all the feels of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but upon watching the entire series, it was not as close as I would have liked it to have been. So in turn, this is giving me all the feels of something really good, or at least something reasonably decent like the first season of Loki, but Marvel's track rate at present is very hit-and-miss, which does not fill me with enough confidence to fully feel excited about a Marvel property, just like if I were watching a DC trailer. Harsh I know, but am I right or wrong? I have tried to stay open-minded over Marvel's Phase 4 and I do simply boil it down to Phase 1 and how nothing made any sense until we got closer to the pieces connecting, but Phase 4 just simply seems like pieces with barely any connections or loose connectivity. Where are we going? It's just confusion really. I am adamant that there is a

(film review) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

It is definitely a surprise to not at all be surprised (when I really think about it) that I went to watch this movie. My earliest memory of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (I am pretty sure they were called "hero" turtles in this foreign market for a while back in my day) was when I vividly remember my mum coming to meet me after school and she was running late, walking towards me with a big Argos bag. I could see through the bag a little and see the Nintendo Entertainment System logo and the outline of the box, I was soo excited. I could not wait to get home, set it up and play the game that came with it, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (the PAL Version of the game was different). Up to this day, I have not completed it and the sound of drowning, I am pretty sure has been implanted in my brain ever since. It's either Sonic, Turtles or Earthworm Jim, the sound I cannot shake. I watched the cartoons and had a T-shirt and possibly jeans too, I loved the Turtles when I was a ch

(series review) [STREAMING] - Atom Eve Special Episode

I heard murmurs regarding this show having already been out. I thought people were getting the TV show, (well episode) confused with the trailer. You see, Amazon Prime dropped the trailer, but a friend of mine told me the special episode was out too. Of course, I did not believe it, but I had a look for myself and low and behold Invincible: Atom Eve Special Episode was out and I really did not realise how much I was chomping at the bit to watch it. As stated in my trailer review , Atom Eve is a side character from the TV show Invincible and she helps Invincible be part of a team and become a better team player. This show is a prequel to the events of season one of Invincible and it dives deep into the background of how Atom Eve came about. But is it just as good as the Invincible series? Yes, yes it really is! We start off with chaos and destruction as a team of super-powered people are wreaking havoc, but they are stopped by The Guardians of the Globe. We see how the team fights with

(trailer review) - Gen V

  I try to keep my ear as close to the ground as possible and I hear of a lot of TV shows and movies and for the most part, I remember them, even when I am not fully invested, but this one caught me off guard. I wasn't shocked as if I just didn't know, but it was definitely a wow, I forgot about that moment when I saw the trailer. And this trailer looks really good. It seems as though the main character is the girl in it surrounded by supporting actors with a few guest stars from 'The Boys' universe which is brilliant for world building. I never watched the cartoon they did because I simply had to draw the line on that, but this looks like it could be quite good, I am just hoping that a lot of the scenarios are not simply gratuitous just for gratuitous-sake because the TV series sometimes feels like that, but there is heavy dramatic and moralistic themes and scenarios that ground the show to make it more relatable even though we are talking about super powered beings. I

(trailer review) - Invincible: Season 2

There has been a lot of talk over the years regarding superhero fatigue but here is a reason as to why that is not accurate. Saying there is such a thing would imply that people are tired of comic book mediums, TV shows, movies etc. When shows like 'The Boys' come out and people love it or a cartoon comes out (like this) and people love it, what does that say? Are people bored of DC movies or the MCU? While there are arguments to be made surrounding this at present due to a number of things, especially with the "lacklustre" phase four of the MCU, I'd like to be specific and state, it is the mediocrity of such movies and TV shows that are NOT pushing the boundaries or applying anything new to storytelling so the experience feels samey. And I say that to say this, those who watched the Invincible TV show when it came out (which is a cartoon), a great number of us loved it. So to understand that, you must understand that, we fans have patiently waited for season 2 of

(trailer review) - Atom Eve Special Episode

This is for the fans. This might even be for women, ladies, girls or simply the female audience to latch onto and bring them into this franchise. I cannot quite say, but if you know about the show Invincible and loved the show like many others, then yes, this is definitely for you and this trailer helps to flesh out the world of Invincible just a little more by giving us a little background on one of the popular characters going forwards. For those who are unaware of who Atom Eve is, the show and other, here is a quick synopsis of the show Invincible. Invincible centres around a teenager named Mark who comes into his superpowers and is taught to hone them through his father. Whilst trying to juggle schoolwork and his relationship, Mark decides to take on the responsibility of trying to become a superhero like his father. Atom Eve, a fellow high schooler who is also a superhero and a part of her own team, tries to assist Mark, helps him to become part of a team and how he can juggle his

(trailer review) - The Marvels

  You know, Phase 4 seems to be limping along. Whilst I will definitely say the MCU is struggling to meet the very high bar they themselves have set, the MCU's mediocrity is starting to show BUT the MCU's low, is still higher than most of the other comic book attempts at quality, it is wild. And whilst I'll take this opportunity not to bash the MCU, because we did have a whole pandemic between the ending of Phase 3 and throughout the entirety of Phase 4, I will not pretend that decisions were made that have intrinsically changed the MCU for somewhat, the worst, at the moment. I do feel that at the very least, this trailer for this movie should explain the new charcters a little more rather than leaving it to the film. We need to understand, why we should care for them and why we should watch the movie or better yet, be drawn to the TV shows that birthed them. This trailer seems like it is an expansion of the teaser trailer. It is giving us a little more of what the film mig

(trailer review) - The Creator

( TEASER TRAILER ) First of all, this looks incredible. This is now the second trailer for this movie, The Creator and as I said in my previous review, this is the type of sci-fi I love. Ex-Machina was great, District 9 was great and if you throw in some old school films such as The Terminator, we are onto a winner, right? Don't get me wrong, this movie could crash and burn a disastrous and horribly tragic death but it does look incredible. For the most part, this trailer does not really show anything too different from what we had already seen in the previous trailer, so while we understand that Joshua decides to protect this little child for, reasons, we do not necessarily know why other than maybe, children are inherently innocent and he thinks he might be able to teach this young child the good in humanity. Whilst watching this trailer, there is a part where someone says to the child, "No we don't have that here, do you want Ice Cream"? And the child looks up and

(trailer review) - Rebel Moon

  I cannot say that this teaser trailer blew me away. But I can say that I am a Zack Snyder fan. Not a die-hard fan who petitioned and signed a "release the Snyder-cut", but I have enjoyed pretty much all of his movies. In my reviews somewhere, you will read several things I've said about Zack and his filmmaking, but unfortunately, I do not believe this teaser trailer helped sell this movie to me at all. And granted, this is a teaser trailer, but there has been much better teasers out there. I think one of the things I have learned about this movie, is that this movie initially started out as a Star Wars movie within that universe, so with that in mind, I am very conflicted. Star Wars has not really gone anywhere over the last few years, so it would have been nice to see something new and refreshing from a director with a unique vision, but this teaser trailer is just not it. This trailer intrigues me. While some of the concepts look great and while we are not told what t

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