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(trailer review) - Oppenheimer

The last Christopher Nolan movie did not go down too well due to many MANY things. We are talking about the film, Tenet. Personally, I really liked the film, but I firmly believe, Chris Nolan was being too arrogant and full of himself, demonstrating how great of a film director he is and what he can do as a storyteller, because in the end, during a pandemic he ultimately fell on his face when I am guessing, he could have avoided it. See my Tenet review as to why. However, this movie looks great. It is giving me Stephen Spielberg-esk vibes and does not seem to be wrapped up in the sci-fi or time theme of it all. If you have not noticed, Nolan seems to have a thing for time.

The man who created the Atomic Bomb. This is a chance to learn more about the when, the how and the why. Imagine, being the person who could create such a devastating device. I guess it was a different time back then and we are yet to find out the answers...maybe, but to look back at it now, I am sure there are a lot of people who are appalled and disgusted by what man has done. The world is a crazy place right now and there are wars going on, but to think, during a time of war, a country (or a few, we will see) decided, we need something to completely eradicate the enemy and their forces...and you are the guy who comes up with the idea. A definite must-see for me.


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