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(trailer review) - Dune: Part 2


If you have seen and read my Dune review, it goes without saying that I found the first film phenomenal. Everything about the movie was great. A masterpiece even. I quote "If there is anything you need to know about this movie before making a commitment to watching it, is that you MUST see this in the cinema! Yes a little long-ish, but I don't think a small screen is going to capture the vastness, the quality, the depth, the detail, the EVERYTHING, in this movie.  Denis put his elbow and foot into this movie because the visuals are stunning.  The world is soo realised, the architecture, the vehicles, the costumes, everything looks great and distinctive" and this trailer simply echoes my sentiments. When the first film had finished, the film alluded to a bigger story as if the story had just begun and I wanted more. I wanted more of the excellence that Denis was giving us, so part 2 could not come any sooner.

This trailer, while it seems to centre on a manouvre, we get to see a little more Zendeya, some old characters and a lot of new characters joining what looks like the beginning of the War for Arrakis. My only real grip with this trailer, two in fact, is why show the manouvre? Could we not have left that for the movie? and secondly, a character was shown in this trailer and while I witnessed what happened in the first movie, I am wondering if they could have left the character out. With that said, they did leave another character out and I am hoping that character comes back from the events of the first movie as it would give that character even more weight considering their skill. I guess one more thing that annoys me about this trailer, is that I want to see the movie now, so now I have to go and find a way to watch the excellent original again while I wait until this is released. And just before I sign off, the design, the visuals. There is a reason as to why Dune was nominated for 10 academy awards and won 6, among the many other awards. All the awards. I can't wait.


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