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(trailer review) - The Creator

I heard of this film a few months back and I thought the name of the movie was a little weird, but ultimately I brushed it off for when I would eventually see the trailer. You know, I cannot judge the movie by its name alone before seeing the trailer, right? And now the trailer is here and it all makes sense. The vibe I am getting from this movie, The Terminator mixed with Elysium, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Alita Battle Angel, District 9 and a dash of Blade Runner and The Golden Child? I even thought about Akira as well. What I will say as a running thought in my head watching this trailer was, as we continue to make films about Artificial Intelligence, in the real world, we are now using more Artificial Intelligence and seemingly like, we are embracing it for pictures, script writing and all sorts, as well as the robotic police dogs and such, it just made me think, life imitating art, imitating life and it is quite unnerving.

So what I gathered from this trailer, humans create Artificial Intelligence to help them with everyday stuff, A La iRobot and eventually, the AI became self-aware like in Age of Ultron and nuked part of the world like what happens in The Terminator story. But a resistance, also like The Terminator are fighting back for humanity before these robots that look like a cross between Blade Runner, Alita Battle Angel and Ex Machina kill all humans on earth, but "The Creator" as it were, is a small robotic child, A La The Golden Child and Joshua, John David Washington's character chooses to help the robot child rather than killing it/her because of reasons currently unknown. This is sci-fi and may not be a lot of people's cup of tea but I love this type of stuff. Gareth Edwards the director behind Rogue One, although there is a rumour that he may not have completed or solely directed that movie, I enjoyed that as well as Godzilla and its looks fantastic so it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Hopefully, nothing like Chappie or Elysium. Ken Watanabe looks excellent!


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