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(trailer review) - The Creator

I heard of this film a few months back and I thought the name of the movie was a little weird, but ultimately I brushed it off for when I would eventually see the trailer. You know, I cannot judge the movie by its name alone before seeing the trailer, right? And now the trailer is here and it all makes sense. The vibe I am getting from this movie, The Terminator mixed with Elysium, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Alita Battle Angel, District 9 and a dash of Blade Runner and The Golden Child? I even thought about Akira as well. What I will say as a running thought in my head watching this trailer was, as we continue to make films about Artificial Intelligence, in the real world, we are now using more Artificial Intelligence and seemingly like, we are embracing it for pictures, script writing and all sorts, as well as the robotic police dogs and such, it just made me think, life imitating art, imitating life and it is quite unnerving. So what I gathered from this trailer, humans create Artifici

(trailer review) - Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

Seeing this trailer today has left me feeling a little bittersweet. It has filled me with an array of emotions that I am finding it a little difficult to write this. The teaser trailer to this movie dropped last year May 2022 and for those who do not know me, Mission Impossible is one of my favourite franchises. Tell me of a franchise that seems to get better and better by the next film. I do not believe there is a franchise currently active that can compare with this franchise and we are 7 films deeps at this point. Obviously, we do not include Mission Impossible 2, because I do not think that one was as great as the others. It's a film my cousin likes, but I simply did not care for it. Which leads me on to this. After seeing that trailer and getting excited (something I do not do, unless it is a Mission Impossible movie) I rewatched the entire franchise from the beginning late last year and while MI2 was a little better than I had previously remembered, (I still did not like it a

(trailer review) - Oppenheimer

The last Christopher Nolan movie did not go down too well due to many MANY things. We are talking about the film, Tenet. Personally, I really liked the film, but I firmly believe, Chris Nolan was being too arrogant and full of himself, demonstrating how great of a film director he is and what he can do as a storyteller, because in the end, during a pandemic he ultimately fell on his face when I am guessing, he could have avoided it. See my Tenet review as to why. However, this movie looks great. It is giving me Stephen Spielberg-esk vibes and does not seem to be wrapped up in the sci-fi or time theme of it all. If you have not noticed, Nolan seems to have a thing for time. The man who created the Atomic Bomb. This is a chance to learn more about the when, the how and the why. Imagine, being the person who could create such a devastating device. I guess it was a different time back then and we are yet to find out the answers...maybe, but to look back at it now, I am sure there are a lot

(trailer review) - Dune: Part 2

  If you have seen and read my Dune review, it goes without saying that I found the first film phenomenal. Everything about the movie was great. A masterpiece even. I quote "If there is anything you need to know about this movie before making a commitment to watching it, is that you MUST see this in the cinema! Yes a little long-ish, but I don't think a small screen is going to capture the vastness, the quality, the depth, the detail, the EVERYTHING, in this movie.  Denis put his elbow and foot into this movie because the visuals are stunning.  The world is soo realised, the architecture, the vehicles, the costumes, everything looks great and distinctive" and this trailer simply echoes my sentiments. When the first film had finished, the film alluded to a bigger story as if the story had just begun and I wanted more. I wanted more of the excellence that Denis was giving us, so part 2 could not come any sooner. This trailer, while it seems to centre on a manouvre, we get

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