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(trailer review) - Secret Invasion



If there is anything I wanted from Marvel right now, anything! Anything I absolutely needed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, anything? And that is a film that has the same tone as Captain America The Winter Soldier. A political spy thriller and this trailer looks like it is it! Now we are going to see Skrulls properly. Not just the playful and less harmful faction we saw in Captain Marvel, but the bad ones, the ones who are trying to take over Terra. The one's who likely want to infiltrate the world and universe.

This trailer gives me all the feels. This trailer is giving me the Captain America The Winter Soldier vibes as well as a little of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series vibes. The TV show was good but it was plagued with issues stemming from the pandemic, re-writes and course corrections, etc. But we are here now and I am here for this. The MCU movies of late do not seem to be cutting it, especially the TV shows. They have been good, but not great and this looks like it could turn the tables back to making the MCU great again. No jokey jokey. It is not like I do not want to have a laugh or giggle in these movies and shows, but of late, the MCU has been too hardy-har had and I do not feel as though it had been working out. Give us more stakes, more seriousness, some situational humour as well as answers. Why are these skrulls beefing? Why are there no Avengers involved? Why is this one personal for Nick Fury? One last fight? Is he going to die?  In the words of John Rocha "What does that all mean?". I am hoping these episodes are 1 hour long and there is at least 8 episodes because we need them, Samuel L. Jackson is also a big enough actor to carry this show on his back. Give it to us, Marvel! Let us hope this is very good at least to warrant anything shorter than 9 episodes and/or 50 minutes per episode. Oh yeah, is that a Super Skrull???


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