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(trailer review) - Top Boy: Season 3 (Season 5)

Just to be clear if you have not seen my Top Boy Season 2 review, I have previously explained that if we include both seasons of Top Boy Summer House, we are now looking at season 5 of this magnificent TV show. We have come a long way to come to this point and since we are in the last season, I do not see this ending well for anybody. Although this is a teaser trailer, with Sully saying he would rather be a monster than food, tells me that this season is going to be dark, gritty with heartbreak, loss, and vengeance among other things. It will be interesting to see if any of Jamie's family will be heavily involved and Sully will be the number one target with maybe Dushane coming to his defence, maybe? I do not know, but I am involved, patiently waiting on the first trailer.

(trailer review) - The Equalizer 3

"Do I look like a killer?" It is at this point in life, no matter who you are, providing you have watched at least 8 movies with Denzel Washington, he is Uncle Denzel. Uncle Denz. Unc Denz. He has been doing his thing for a while and Denzel has always been great. From time to time, you might see a dud movie, but Denzel always delivers, he has always been excellent. Strangely enough, I remember seeing The Equalizer 2 trailer but I just did not get around to seeing the movie. However, this trailer looks great and I would like to know, while this is the final film, could we get more? This trailer looks solid. I remember watching the first movie and thought, the thinking about the moves before he does them was great. It's cool. It's calculated. It tells you everything about Denzel's character, who is the kind of person who steps into the lion's den and does not even try to sweat as he knows exactly how he will take out the lion once he is inside, but will only s

(trailer review) - The Penguin

Just when we thought we got another great Batman movie, this time with Robert Pattinson, a good story and great acting, there definitely was an actor that stood out among the many superb actors in that movie. Colin Farrell. You know, Colin Farrell? He has been in many movies. I initially know him from 'Phonebooth', but he was also in the remake to 'Total Recall' and many other films. He was in the Matt Reeves, 'The Batman' movie. He was The Penguin! He was soo unrecognisable, akin to a Johnny Depp, many (and maybe even you), did not even know it was him. Such good hair and make-up, along with great acting, in some cases, there is an argument to say he stole the movie when he appeared. And just like when John Wick 2 finished and people went out to watch it, the studios behind the movie said there will be more, 'The Continental', here, they also said the same, there will be more, more of Gotham. And here we are, The Penguin. This trailer, (one I would not

(trailer review) - The Marvels

So yesterday I saw an ad for this movie. It looked a little bit like a poster but it was a short audio clip letting us know that a trailer for The Marvels is out today. However, I completely forgot the trailer for this movie was out today, so when I saw a message somewhere saying the trailer dropped, of course, I went to go and watch it. And I will let you know before I get into it I LOVED THIS TEASER TRAILER! While we are not exactly sure when this is, in the MCU, we are presented with a problem between Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel from the Captain Marvel movie, Monica Rambeau aka Lieutenant Trouble from the WandaVision TV show (as an adult and the Captain Marvel movie as a child) and also Kamala Khan from the Ms Marvel TV show, and right away I can tell you, I will love this movie and Iman Vellani is going to steal this entire movie fangirling over meeting her idol and working with her. I love the energy she brings in the clips and the child-like qualities we have not seen sinc

(trailer review) - Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

So I am going to let you all in on a secret I have been, not really keeping to myself, but I guess, keeping to myself, although I am willinging to tell anyone who might ask. I have not seen all the Indy movies. For those who have been following me for a while will know that I like to and try to watch movies from the beginning and see them all through. Indy is another franchise I have fallen short on. Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull are the only two I have seen and remember. The latter of those two is not great at all and while I have heard 'The Temple of Doom' is not the best one out of Raiders of the Lost Arc' and 'The Last Crusade', I have not seen those so 'Temple'' remains my favourite. This trailer though, seems to hopefully remove the stench that is Crystal Skull. I like this trailer a lot. I am especially loving the feel and story of this one which seems to be a chase/heist for the Dial of Destiny to try to prevent someone going back in time to h

(trailer review) - Ahsoka

For those who need to learn or are unaware of who Ahsoka is, let me give you a quick breakdown of how we got here. Ahsoka Tano was introduced in 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Movie (a film no one watched or enjoyed). It was an animated movie where Ahsoka was the padawan of Anakin Skywalker (I believe in helping to teach him responsibilities, discipline and then some). The Clone Wars animated movie then spun off into its own animated cartoon series called 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' in 2003 but the clone wars stories were then replaced by the 2008 animated series 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' where we focus on a "canon" storyline between the events of 'Star Wars: Attack of the Clones' and 'Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith' (I got onto this series from Season 4, watched all of the season then went back to season 1 and started from the beginning until the end which ended at season 7). The Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated show fleshed out the many

(trailer review) - Barbie

If there is anything the teaser trailer captured the most about this Barbie movie is that this movie is going to be absolutely wild and this trailer confirms it. Have you seen the Marketing for this movie? What Greta Gerwig has put together is somewhat genius or crazy or both and I love it. I remember seeing the set photos a few years ago and the neon pink and yellow outfits looked silly, but now we are seeing this in context, it works, it really works! I remember going through the catalogue back in the day and seeing Cindy and Barbie. Barbie was killing it, she did and had everything and everything was pink, EVERYTHING! So this trailer while it seems excessive in parts, it really isn't. This trailer does not tell us a great deal about the movie itself other than what looks like Ken fully trying to get with Barbie for reasons I am not even sure he even knows why. Ken "I thought I might stay over tonight!" Barbie "Why?" Ken "Because we are girlfriend and boy

(trailer review) - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

(OFFICIAL TRAILER) You would have to have been born in the last 3 years or have no access to the internet to not have heard, seen or experienced 'Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse'. Imagery, video clips, toys, something! Spider-man is one of if not, the most recognisable IP there is and when people initially thought a Miles Morales film would not work because it is not Peter Parker as the star and the Spider-Man we are focusing on, we were in for a major surprise. A lot of people thought the film would flop but in actuality, 'into the Spider-Verse has one of the best Spider-Man stories among all the films Sony has ever put out. So to think that movie does not need or deserve a sequel, I will say to you this, "Really???". But where do you go with such a great story, a relatively new Spider-Man protagonist and in animation? You go bigger. You go better. You go across the Spider-Verse!!! This movie looks great! This movie looks amazing (no pun intended) and the animatio

(trailer review) - Secret Invasion

  ( OFFICIAL TRAILER ) If there is anything I wanted from Marvel right now, anything! Anything I absolutely needed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, anything? And that is a film that has the same tone as Captain America The Winter Soldier. A political spy thriller and this trailer looks like it is it! Now we are going to see Skrulls properly. Not just the playful and less harmful faction we saw in Captain Marvel, but the bad ones, the ones who are trying to take over Terra. The one's who likely want to infiltrate the world and universe. This trailer gives me all the feels. This trailer is giving me the Captain America The Winter Soldier vibes as well as a little of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series vibes. The TV show was good but it was plagued with issues stemming from the pandemic, re-writes and course corrections, etc. But we are here now and I am here for this. The MCU movies of late do not seem to be cutting it, especially the TV shows. They have been goo

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