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(trailer review) - The Flash

Yo! As I write this, I legit have tears streaming down my face. No, I am not crying, but would I call these joyful tears? Maybe. This trailer. This film. Ezra you absolute maniac Miller! How? What? Why? For those who do not know and are entirely unaware, Ezra, the lead star of this movie and the man who is playing Barry Allen aka The Flash, reprising his role from Justice League, has been in some hot water in recent years since the making and completion of this movie. It is tough to say if they will ever work again as an actor, let alone play The Flash again, but this movie looks phenomenal. Very action-heavy, very emotional and the cast, two Batmen and a Supergirl? I am in absolute shock-horror right now, I am hoping and praying for Ezra to find the help he needs and maybe, JUST maybe, when all things are back to a state of normalcy, perhaps someone will take a chance on them as they IS one of the best parts of Justice League (both versions) and they do come across as a very talented and gifted actor.

This trailer! Good lord! The different Flash suits, the different Batman suits, the Bat-Wing, the Bat-Cycle AND THE OLD-SCHOOL BATMOBILE!!! I think the scenes that really got me, were the General Zod moments and him coming to Earth and now it looks like the two Flashes are fighting with old-school Batman and possibly Supergirl to take him and his troops out. While Ezra seems to be playing two versions of Barry Allen, this trailer has definitely got me interested in something I really did not care for, until now. Plus that other Flash suit (the second time we see the Flash suit) also looks amazing. That original suit with barely any trimmings. Michael Keaton and his delivery of that iconic line, "...I am Batman". And is that Kara tumping OFF the face of Zod's general? She is brutal! Yeah, let this be as good as this trailer please WB, I believe we comic book movie watchers deserve something like this. Maybe, JUST maybe, if this film does well, we can get some kind of sequel and maybe this universe, however, it ends, we can have some of those older/other actors back, such as Henry, Ben and Gal, maybe even Dwayne.

Directed by Andy Muschietti and starring Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue & Michael Keaton

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