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(trailer review) - You People

I remember this being mentioned a few weeks back, a comedy with Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy. I heard it is really funny and I believe the person who said it, saw an earlier trailer or something, but when you really think about it, Eddie Murphy is a comedy legend. Looking great at his age and looking a little more like his older brother, Eddie has been in a few flops of late, but have you seen 'Dolemite is my name'? It is such a3n incredible film. For Jonah, whilst I am not as caught up on all his movies of late and I did not get a chance to see War Dogs as I heard that was really good, I found him hilarious in 22 Jump Street. Actually, 22 Jump Street is just a great film as a whole.
A film starring both Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill is definitely going to be a riot and this trailer is definitely that. Just the talk/debate at the table regarding slavery and the holocaust is a subject that is soo sensitive to Jewish and black people alone, so it would be interesting how they tackle this subject. However, this is a film we have seen many times before, 'Guess who's coming to dinner?' or 'Guess Who?' and many others, but this is the type of movie everyone can relate to. I am definitely interesting in watching this.


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