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(trailer review) - The Mandalorian: Season 3

It was only four months ago we were teased with a teaser trailer for season 3 of The Mandalorian. While I knew it was coming since the ending of season 2 (I think it was said at the time), we had to wait for Boba Fett to air before we got the reveal and this marvelous official trailer. Maybe they did not know where they were going with the show and (I say this loosely) rushed out Boba Fett to spend more time on this third season ironing out the story, the kinks, the...Mandalore, if you will, because The Book of Boba Fett was ok, just ok. The Mandalorian episode was great, in comparison to the other episodes, but this trailer for season 3 looks well thought out, well written and just damn well near excellently executed.

While it seems as though Din is explaining to Grogu how to be a Mandalorian in this trailer (I think, to be a Bounty Hunter, to be fair), the trailer shows us, lots of different Mandalorian in different Mandalorian suits. A shot where it looks like Mandalore was bombed, a shot of the welder Mandalorian who claims Din now has issues for taking off his helmet, so now he is on his way to seek forgiveness, but little does he know (well in The Clone Wars cartoons), NOT taking off your helmet, is NOT a thing. Everyone took off their helmets, only the "clan" Din followed, did not (besides, this was also mentioned in season 2). It is going to be an interesting season, one I hope ends or goes on hold to then go into a series like Game of Thrones for the fight to rule Mandalore. Imagine, all the different Mandalorian Clans trying to rule Mandalore. And although we do not see Bo Katan, she IS the rightful ruler, right? The short with the Mandalorian "Para-rocketing" from the "drop-ship" is a beautiful shit. Also, a bar full of droids, astromechs and Clankers...March 1st could not get here sooner.


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