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(trailer review) - Evil Dead Rise

When it comes to horror, I definitely pick and choose. Ghostly possessions based on real stories is a hard pass for me, while something like a Paranormal Activity is a "ok, I'll watch that". However, films like Hellraiser and skin/flesh mutilation makes me feel uneasy in my body. I cannot even watch Holby City without winching. This trailer though, I am on the fence.

This trailer first off, was cool. I have not really been interested in the Evil Dead franchise but I think I have seen the third one a very very long time ago. I think I was a child when I watched it many moons ago, but I was under the impression and understanding that the franchise was about Zombies - this looks incredibly different. I know the trailer says evolved, but this is coming across to me as somewhat supernatural. Floating above water for example. I am on the fence. The box grater and the scalping...blimey. I will need to see another trailer as this red band one was good but did not hold back. Maybe a green band trailer will be a better watch, not to say I did not like the red band trailer, I did, but let's just see if I am more sold on the movie with the next one.


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