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(trailer review) - Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Warner Bros. is in a bit of a dead space right now where it is difficult to know and understand the future of DC and its characters. Back in the day, they wanted to start a universe with various characters like an MCU, but Green Lantern did not do well and Christopher Nolan wanted to ground his Batman films. This in turn pushed DC back a few years until 'Man of Steel' came about. Trying to catch up to the MCU at this point was a very bad idea and now we are in a state of limbo with decent films, ok films and really good films in a universe that seems to be crumbling from within and at the seams. The first Shazam was decent and I really enjoyed it. I liked the dynamics, between the actors and the characters and it was an overall great film to sit down with some popcorn and watch.

This trailer looks like the story here is bigger in scope and in some cases, may actually involve the Marvel family (or shazam family) dealing with a force that looks like they are ill-prepared for and lack experience. The villains look decent and I am guessing this is your old run-of-the-mill, bad guy who wants to take over the planet, but the fact there is a fight with a dragon is wild. The Khaleesi line was hilarious and the film looks like it is going to carry out the same or very similar jokey tropes and comedic lines as the first movie, but I am here for a bit of fun. I think my only drawback with this movie is the why and the what. What is this movie doing in the DCEU right now, where does it sit and why continue with a movie (which was already shot before these new decisions were carried out) to potentially scrap the franchise? I think The Flash movie (barring the shenanigans actor Ezra Miller has been getting up to lately) will retroactively make changes to the universe that will help set up the future of the DCU (or DCEU) going forward because we are still having an Aquaman movie or simply shut down the universe to start anew. 
I will definitely go out and watch this movie as it does look like fun, so let's see what happens going forward. Hopefully, it is just as good as the first movie.


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