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(film review) - Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

I am going to be real honest with you guys and tell you, I am going to back-date this post as it is now the new year (Happy New Year), but I needed some time to let this movie sit with me. I watched it and while I enjoyed it, my company said they did not enjoy it as much as the first one. Apparently Knives Out was better, but since I last saw it in 2019, I had to rewatch it to either agree or disagree because I remembered I enjoyed the movie and found it clever and funny. On the rewatch, I found myself laughing and giggling at the mastery of Knives Out. The clever writing and the dialogue. The acting is superb and I said as much in my review of it too. So when it was over, I immediately rewatched Glass Onion again, now for the second time and, well...while it was soo much better on the second watch, did I find this one better than the last

Glass Onion centres around a tech billionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton), on his private island and a murder mystery party where he invites a group of people to participate. Once on the Island, the murder mystery party turns into a real murder mystery when a death occurs. It is up to Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) to find out who the killer is before the morning and before more people wind up dead.

I enjoyed this movie and it was even better on the second viewing, however I do feel the first one is more polished. The directing is great, it is the clever writing and the dialogue that strikes again. The acting is superb and the comedy is very near belly-aching funny. Every actor did a great job portraying their characters and with such an ensemble, Rian knows how to work with a variety of very talented and gifted actors. This was shown in the first movie and again here. There are some gags in this movie that were hilarious and every time it happened, I laughed and then grinned, but always found it funny. It was like, the joke got old really quickly, but I still found it hilarious. The twist in the movie was great and was just as unique as the first movie, but not the same. Daniel Craig plays his role just a great as he did the first time around, although I do believe in this one, he was less reserved. Janelle Monae is an absolute gem in this movie, especially as I do not know her to be a seasoned actor like Edward Norton or at this rate Daniel Craig or Katherine Hahn. Every character was well thought out but unlike the first movie, I just felt we needed a little more about the characters here and more from them. With that said, I did feel Jessica Henwick was wasted as she had soo little to do and she's great.

The music was great and the special effects, scenery and cinematography was also top tier. There was a little 'blue screen' in places which was a little distracting but for the most part, did not ruin the movie for me.  In the very end, I loved how things panned out, the call back to earlier things said or done and generally just how good this movies was crafted. On the rewatch, you will see specific things the second time around as Rhian does a masterful job. I will say though, there is a very high possibility that I just prefer the first movie over this one due to how much the first movie impacted me at the time. A little like Hangover and then Hangover 2 (we did not need 3). Where this movie is just as good as the last one, I just feel Rhian did not necessarily go bigger or did he polish it well enough. It is possible that I just wanted a little more depth with the characters or just more characters. Insane, clever and soo very well directed with a lovely twist.

Definitely get out to the cinema to see it, I believe it is worth it.

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