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(trailer review) - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Before Spider-Man No Way Home came out, the best Spider-Man movie that Sony has ever put out in the history of Spider-Man movies had to be Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, hands down. Why? Because it embodied everything that Spider-Man was and had to be. What made it even better was the fact that, it wasn't even the traditional Peter Parker created 50+ years ago, but the newer more recently created Spider-Man created twodecades ago who is also NOT Peter Parker and is a black-latino child. That movie crammed soo much into it, but was told in a way that never felt over stuffed or confusing. We saw loads of Spider-Man villains and it never felt overcrowded. We saw various spider people and we never lost track of who the main star was. It was funny, witty, smart, charming, warm and emotional. The music was just as great as the art direction and what they did with the animation, how they used it. If anything, the film is a 10 out of 10, I mean it simply could not get any better. So, what about the sequel...

This looks great! While I thought seeing a few spider people come together was great, all with their own art style, did you see the Council or Hall of spider people? There was possibly 30-40 and you know there are hundreds more. You can already tell that this movie will be more layered than the first and I love the fact they have aged up the characters. Not like the Bart Simpson staying 12 forever, plus it gives you the passage of time. Time has passed since the last film, older, more mature maybe, more on his plate. Hearing the voice actors come back is great with the inclusion of Oscar Isaac. Seeing the talented Issa Rae as a Spider-Woman is also will be interesting if she is a girl or woman as I think Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) is also an Avenger, I don't know how they will play that, but in the promotional art, one of my favourite characters (for reasons unknown), shows The Spot, a character who has dimensional portal spots on his costume he can use to commit crimes by travelling through them to move through time and space...I am so happy. This is just a teaser trailer but consider me teased and waiting patiently for the main trailer and then the movie. I have a feeling, this part one will knock it out of the park. Yes, part one, they said there is a sequel already in the works or maybe you can consider this as Infinity Gauntlet 1 & 2, is you remember that far back.


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