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(trailer review) - Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

I am not going to lie to you, so I will say to you first and foremost, while I love Indiana Jones (from the only movie I have seen before watching 'The Crystal Skull', 'The Temple of Doom', having now seen two movies and the last one was garbage, I care not for this movie. I guess I would have a lot more love for the franchise if I had seen 'The Last Crusade' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', but truth is, I do not, and Harrison is a little long in the tooth for an adventure, don't you think? Besides, it just makes you think? This has to be Harrison's last hurrah, right? What are they really doing with this franchise? Also, will a young Indy simply look like an old Indy in movement and antics? I just don't want to watch this movie and feel like I can clearly see a body double and/or that the moves and scenarios Indy finds himself in, an old Indy could not possibly carry out like he is an athletic spring chicken, you know.

But on a real, this trailer looks good. I can't knock it. The action looks great and although I can see quite a bit of CG used, the film looks like it tackles with time and we even see a younger Indy. Is this classic storytelling like 'Raiders' and 'Crusade', I am not sure, but it would be nice to have something better than 'The Crystal Skull' as Harrison's last hurrah, you know. Also, with that said, I hope the comedy injected is a lot like the classic Indy 'Temple of Doom' movie because, well I liked that and I thought it was great. The bit at the end of the trailer is funny. I loved that.


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