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(trailer review) - Cocaine Bear

I possibly heard about this around 4 years ago and the information was relayed like this: "They are making a movie based on true events called "Cocaine Bear" where a Bear eats cocaine". Not verbatim but my reaction was just the same as yours then to what it is now, now that you have heard about it "what!?! A bear eats cocaine. And this happened for real? True events? What?" Yes, and even now, I am still confused as to if this is actually legit. Like, the premise alone fills you with curiosity. While this sounds wild, you can only assume the trailer will be just as wild...AND JUST AS WILD IT IS!!!

This is a must see! I was not sure how they were going to present this movie, but it seems a little bit like dark humour horror. The part where the bear is sliding on his back released a cackle from me along with some of the interactions with the coked up bear. This movie looks wild and while a horror, maybe not too scary and hopefully more comedic, but as I am guessing it is a fight for survival from a bear, as dangerous as a bear is, but high on cocaine, this is definitely a must watch from me.


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