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(trailer review) - Avatar: The Way of Water

(Teaser Trailer)

There is a reason why this man takes a while to make a movie. This man stays creating and breaking boundaries. Underwater motion capture!? So another trailer has dropped and James, James is just swinging for those damn fences...and clearing them!  This trailer looks all types of great and not only does the trailer not give you much, the trailer gives you a whole lot more than the teaser trailer and it is absolute great.

In my last review I said Jake now has a child, but it seems like he has a few children. There is a character who seems to be listening to the planet, another character who wants none of anything Jake is warning them about, a possible civil war between the Na'vi AND the humans, or now other avatars are back bringing the war. I have no idea what exactly this is about, but just like the first one, I will be watching this, and quite possibly, in both 2D and 3D like I did before. The music sounds great and it goes without saying, the visuals look amazing. It is just a wonder how well this movie will do now that it is 13 years away since the first movie. I mean, Top Gun was older and they achieved great success with the sequel.


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