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(trailer review) - Creed III

I will start off with the possible negativity surrounding this movie. A few months ago, it was said that Frank Stallone (Sylvester's brother) made a comment on the socials stating that Michael B. Jordan pushed his brother out of the making of Creed III and Sylvester liked the post. Now, if you did not realise, the director of Creed was the director of Black Panther and the upcoming sequel coming next month. The director of Creed II, is the director of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, also coming soon, next year. I'm guessing, before the franchise of Creed became stale, the studio wanted to go forward with a sequel, but these two directors were incredibly busy. Michael B. Jordan has wanted to don his directors hat and this is his first directing job having been a producer on the last few projects he has been involved with. Unless, MBJ wrote the story or played a part in the direction of the story, I will guess MBJ did not push Stallone out, but I guess there could be some bitterness between both actors turn directors due to Rocky being Stallone's baby after all. Maybe a discussion should have been had, maybe we will find out later it was a misunderstanding.

With all that aside, this film looks incredible. The story looks great. An old friend who Adonis used to run with seems to be bitter, upset, angry or all of the above and then some, and wants what he feel is owed to him. The life that Adonis has, getting into boxing, getting into fights and winning them becoming famous and living with his wife and child, Damian wants that, something he feels he was robbed of and it looks like he is seeking revenge whilst Adonis feels responsible, like he owes Damian. A storyline many know too well. Someone will feel like the world owes them whilst the other will feel somewhat responsible and guilty, like survivor's guilt, maybe. This looks like a great entry into directing by MIchael B. Jordan. Some of the shots look superb and I am definitely a fan of Jonathan Majors of late, since the series Lovecraft Country. And whilst he was chewing up the scene in the series Loki, it definitely looks like this role will be emotional and strong delivering a phenomenal experience with this movie...well, we hope. We will see.


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