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(trailer review) - Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

"What's done in the dark always comes to the light" - Jesmyn Ward. And it seems like Hope really should have explained everything that really went on down in the quantum realm, because now it seems like Kang will be after not only her, but the entire team to help carry out this task and maybe killing her if he does not get what he wants... whatever that is? This trailer looks great. Although labelled the 'official trailer', that second trailer is going to hit different and I am pretty sure, it is going to be the one that pulls you in. Seeing Bill Murray and hearing and seeing Jonathan Majors is also great, but at this point, it is simply a trailer to let us know when this film will be out, that it is coming and those invested in the MCU will definitely watch to keep up with everything MCU related. However, I do not believe this trailer does enough to pull us in yet, to confirm to us, this is a must see. Oh and Majors looks sinister! That's what, two films now?

(trailer review) - Creed III

I will start off with the possible negativity surrounding this movie. A few months ago, it was said that Frank Stallone (Sylvester's brother) made a comment on the socials stating that Michael B. Jordan pushed his brother out of the making of Creed III and Sylvester liked the post. Now, if you did not realise, the director of Creed was the director of Black Panther and the upcoming sequel coming next month. The director of Creed II , is the director of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, also coming soon, next year. I'm guessing, before the franchise of Creed became stale, the studio wanted to go forward with a sequel, but these two directors were incredibly busy. Michael B. Jordan has wanted to don his directors hat and this is his first directing job having been a producer on the last few projects he has been involved with. Unless, MBJ wrote the story or played a part in the direction of the story, I will guess MBJ did not push Stallone out, but I guess there could be some bit

(trailer review) - The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Ok, ok, ok! Bowser coming in hot! This is just a teaser trailer but this looks great. When this film was announced with Chris Pratt doing the voice of Mario, I rolled my eyes. Like, why Chris Pratt? It could have been ANYONE other than Chris Pratt. I mean, it could have been an actual Italian actor. So, now that the trailer is actually here, we can voice out our opinions on how terrible Pratt sounds, how it was terrible casting, how he doesn't even sound like Mario, that we think the "Itsa me, Mario" is too hammy, but guess what, this works! This actually works! The trailer is only a teaser, but having Bowser coming in wrecking shop and having these blue "Twitter birds" defending themselves with honour only for Bowser to further destroy the castle himself, is excellent. A goon! A fire-spitting monster that looks like, if Godzilla had a turtle shell. I liked this little intro. Then having been introduced to Mario, in a strange new world, meeting Toad and actually

(trailer review) - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

First of all. R.I.P to the legend and one of the greatest actors who was taken from us too soon. A man who showed us, through pain and suffering, you can still achieve great things. King Chadwick Boseman, may you Rest in Paradise. Ryan Cooler was given a difficult task, but this trailer looks as though he has pulled off a feat which is Oscar worthy from just the trailer alone. To rewrite, retool, and direct a movie without the titular character, with the actor portraying them strikes me as tears shedding, everyday. Hearing how Chadwick was, makes me feel for the cast and everyone who worked on the previous movie even more. Everyday coming to work and your friend is not there anymore and the film is meant to star him. A struggle. This trailer, Masterful. This trailer does not show that much more of the story than what we saw before. A siege, Namor, Black Panther, a potential flooding of Wakanda and a Battle. This trailer simply expands on those images even more and from what I can tell,

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